Freaky Friday: Free Hugs

It was like something was missing in his brain that computed and understood his surroundings; the new hire Trevor interviewed impeccably, but then seemed to miss the concept of how to act in social situations.  He was far more reserved than he promised to be from stories he had shared from his supposedly successful time… Read More

Freaky Friday: The Mask Crafter

“Hello Jessica,” the stranger had said as he walked into my store that crisp, cool humid Houston afternoon.  I was unsure of how he knew my name, I looked down at my staff badge which gave no clues as to my personal identity. It was the week before Thanksgiving, and though my tiny shop in… Read More

Keeping Employee Confrontation Professional

Spring 2010 Michelle was my assistant, and she was a stellar one at that.  In my absence the store didn’t miss a beat and when I went onto pursue bigger better things she took over the store in my stead, successfully running it for years.  When I left my position as DM to raise my… Read More

I need to check your ID

My husband visited the pharmacy today in attempt to pick up his prescription after his oral surgery this morning.  The man behind the counter looked over the prescription then kindly looked up to my husband and asked, “may I please see your Driver’s License?”  For the reason of avoiding the rabbit hole I will not go into… Read More