Protocol of Handling an Accidental Overcharge

Although it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence it can happen in an instance, and it happens to everyone who has to manually punch in the amount charged to a credit card.  You are talking to the customer, or perhaps your finger lingers too long on a 0.  Maybe you are just feeling so flustered and… Read More

Shit Can Dan and The Mommy Manager

July 2010 “What do you mean you don’t have any employees helping you load the entire store into the storage unit,”  Auburn my DM cried into the phone.  I stood in the back of the medium sized U-Haul that we surprisingly crammed every last bit of product into the day before.  The hot 100 degree weather and… Read More

How do you Greet?

I walk into many shops throughout the days and I notice that everyone greets very differently.  Some ways really irk me, and some ways offer a pleasant surprise.  A greeting I feel should be a personal experience, connecting an associate, hostess, or any sort of representative of a company with a guest on a personal… Read More

One more institution hits the rocks…

Originally posted on martin herman:
I went into a Sears store the other day.  I was looking for a cap – a plain black cap. It was a bright and shiny morning.  I got to the Mall at about ten minutes to ten. I remember it so clearly because it was one of the first…

Useless Pondered Ideas & Hypocrisy

September 2008 His dark jet black hair fell over his hazel eyes that appeared radiant against his pale alabaster complexion.  He held his hands to his mouth, fingers outstretched, revealing 8 sparkling Stainless Steel rings scattered amongst his knuckles.  He would pace to and fro before the register while his digits danced before his lips, creating a rhythmic… Read More