XXI Forever- Fast Fashion Just Got Cheaper

If you have yet to hear, there is a new Forever 21 in town.  Yes that’s right.  The retailer that was reported struggling to pay their bills just a year ago is now opening 40 more locations of their new store prototype, F21 Red.  This should put the grand total in the end somewhere around 70.… Read More

H&M- Cleaning Up Their Act With Poop

When I first read about Fast Fashion Giant H&M replacing the fibers of their clothing from cotton to cow manure and grapes it left me with so many questions, even after reading the write up presented by Forbes. Wait a minute, what do the fibers have to do with anything?! I thought chemicals in dyes… Read More

Is This Direct Sales Company Swindling Its Reps?

But oh my gawd, the leggings!! Lu La Roe is a direct sales sensation that has spread over the troves of plus sized beauties and millennial moms.   The limited and random distribution of product variety has proven Disney’s common place practice of “artificial scarcity” to span its success rates to companies of all types. As… Read More