Mall Review: The Shops at Canal Place

The Shops at Canal Place Management: O’Connor Property Management Location:   New Orleans, LA Theme: None Type: Indoor (260,000 sq ft)       Perfect For: The Fashion Savvy Shopper Professionals Must Stop Shops: Tiffany’s Saks Fifth Avenue Anthropologie I decided to spend my first day of our New Orleans Thanksgiving weekend taking a peek into a mall I had… Read More

How to Indulge, Inspire, and Reform your Community

Just in case you didn’t know, just in case you’ve ostracized yourself and haven’t noticed sleigh bell’s ringing, or ornate Christmas decor along the streets, then let me remind you, it’s the Holiday Season!  This means a height in shopping, and as every year goes, a real spike for Amazon. But why not get out… Read More

Shop Girl Favs

November is over, meaning the election is done, the turkey is eaten, and black Friday is complete.  As I surfed through blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and other various sources of social media I felt bombarded by negativity, and a definite divide.   Trump vs Hilton.  Racists VS The Rest of us (Seriously how is racism still a… Read More

Make a Mall Santa Survival Plan

“I don’t see why you sit through all that line just to torture your kid,” my best friend since childhood handed me back the photo of my two year old daughter screaming in Santa’s lap, with her four year old brother poised  and grinning against his side. For me it’s about when they are adults.  I don’t want… Read More