Weekend Rundown #9

Hello Dearest Readers and a Happy Weekend to You All! And as the month draws to an end so does the #AtoZchallenge.  It’s a bittersweet day, I’m proud of my achievement:  making it throughout the entire month despite not even really setting out to do so.   I’m also glad for some of the new… Read More

Robots, Bodysnatchers & Zombies; Retail Has Become One Cheesy Horror Flick

It is no secret, and truly is no joke, the retail trade is going through an unnerving evolution.  Slowly the jobs that were once so easily obtainable, and full of limitless opportunity for any average Joe (I’m living proof) may become more and more obscure. The thoughts of it are bone chilling, and I feel… Read More

Shake it up

Challenge #2 It’s time for one tiny huge change.  Yes you read that correctly.  The smallest of changes can make the largest impacts on our esteem and your own perspective of yourself.  It’s a common story, Priscilla goes to the mall to find a new work outfit.  She sees a mannequin that looks amazing in an… Read More