The Most Detrimental Disservice You are Committing to Yourself

The Problem Back when I was a mere sixth grade student teacher (yes that’s right, for those who are new to this blog, this shopgirl is an education convert) I was offered a compliment by a student. I was taught to be humble, I was taught to feel shame over pride, so the conversation went something like this: Student:… Read More

8 Simple Steps Towards Professional Success

Utilize Your Network Make sure you are maintaining your network, don’t just phone a friend when you are in a crisis, but instead be present periodically without ulterior motives.  Keep an ear out for any connections an acquatinance or friend may have in any particular career paths you may find interest in. Use your network to build up… Read More

One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

I used to have my students (of all ages) read the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss and then associate their own emotions to color. This was so that when their sun seemed to set and turn to dusk they could step back and observe the colorful beauty of their stresses, fears, sadness, angers, and anxieties.  The palette blends… Read More

The “School Marm” Moves up the Corporate Ladder Pt. 3

The Timeline of going from Sales Associate to District Manager in only 3 short years with an education degree goes a little something like this: June 2008: I’m hired as the only lowly sales associate in a store with no management. July 2008:  I tell my DM (1) at a store visit exactly what I… Read More

The “School Marm” Gets the Job In Retail Pt. 2

In efforts of finding a job upon my first husbands request the summer of 2008 I began dropping applications at all the area day cares, as I was studying education at the University.  The phone never seemed to ring, and I began to sift through the listings of craigslist when I came across a post… Read More