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I am not a corporation.

I am a person.

I am Customer Oriented.

A person invested in you.

Don’t let mismanagement take down your dream.

Services Offered

Customer Service Training Solutions

Specialized Training Material

Human Resources Consulting

Social Media Advising

New Blogger Consultations

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Jess Cochran

Orlando, FL



Initial Phone Consultation:

45 mins Free

Whether a small business owner or potential blogger, feel free to email me to schedule a time that works best for you to discuss your business wants or needs.  It is important that before the call you have the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Company’s Name
  • Your Vision/Mission Statement
  • Your definition of success
  • Your biggest obstacle
  • Details on the assistance that is requested


Small Shops:

Basic Talent Acquisition Package

1-month wage per hire

Hiring the right person is pertinent to the success of your business, and to do the process right can be time-consuming.  I want to hire the employee that works for you.  With full access to a simple to read rubric of potential applicants, you can easily keep track of the process and offer your own thoughts and insight.

  •  Job Listing
  • 3 levels of Interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Offer Letter
  • In Processing Guidance (optional)

Hiring Fair Booth

Have you printed the signs and banners for your amazing job fair display but do not have the time to stand around greeting potentials all day?  Perhaps you would like to be there but don’t quite know what to say or how to make the most of the expense or experience?  I am excited to help represent your company and brand while helping you to acquire a boundless list of potential new hires that will help lead you to success.

  • Booth Set Up Advisement
  • Booth Set Up
  • Collect Applications while answering questions about the company atmosphere and opportunity
  • Booth Take Down

Training Consultation

Pricing Varies

Develop an Onboarding program that will not only educate but motivate your new hires to achieve.

*** Sales Training Manuals

Pricing Varies

Have you been trying tirelessly to motivate and educate your employees to success but still find that goals are not quite being met?  Let me help with an individualized continuous learning program.  With a specialization in sales and product knowledge, I’m excited to help build a program for you that is affordable, simple to implement.  And presenting a fun and inspiring challenge for your staff.   This program will raise morale, job satisfaction, and sales.

Floor Planning

$300 per day

Get your space started on the right foot, with an experience that will draw returning customers.  From wall color to the lining of the shelves we can develop a theme that will show your vision.

  • Concept Development
  • Floor Layout
  • Merchandising Solutions

Store Set-Up

Pricing Varies

With years of experience in store set-up and tear down I’m excited to help discover the layout and merchandising technique that works for you!  Service only available in Florida

  • Store Set Up Checklist
  • Strategic Store Layout Planning
  • Stocking Shelves
  • Attractive Features

Career Building

Leadership/Management Coaching

$100 an hour

So you’ve opened your shop, now what?  Take on your dream with direction and confidence.  Real in-person strategies for effective communication, delegation, and company growth.

Career Counseling for High School/College Students

Two years ago I orchestrated an intern training program that focused on leading them to articulate their ways to what exactly they wanted to do through weekly developing sessions, monthly counseling sessions, and exposure to a variety of professional fields.  This program was a great success and has since been recognized by NASA utilized for a division of their interns.  I would love to bring this journey of “career satisfaction” to you or your student.  With a variety of packages for this program the experience can be as simple as a one time session to discuss long term goals and how to achieve them, or a yearly commitment to monthly college prep mentor meetings complete with study plans and short term goal focus.

Social Media Outreach

The key to any professional journey in the 21st century is a personal connection with your network and clients that reaches beyond the confines of your school or office building.   Let me help you develop, a blog and social media image that is effective and excels your image, brand, and success.

Blog/Social Media Influence Advice

The first 45 minutes is free.

Social Media Images

$20 per image (Minimum 5)

Ghost Writing

.20 cents per word

Please email me for any further services and pricing

I mean business and so should you.  A 50 dollar retainer fee will be charged at the scheduling of any services other than the initial consultation.

A complimentary promotional write-up on your business when you spend $500 or more in services.