5 Top Retail and Consumer Discretionary Stocks Boosted by Low Oil Prices

Originally posted on 24/7 Wall St.:
While investors in the top oil companies have cringed over the past six months as the price of oil has dropped over 50%, the American consumer has gotten a huge shot in the pocketbook. It doesn’t take an economics genius to figure out that filling up the family cars has…

Communicating: Expectations of Overall Performance

I recently went on a discussion forum on Linked In that asked what are the three most important aspects to being a good leader, and instead of answering three different answers, most people just gave one simple word communication.  So I thought for the next two weeks (at least) I will base each post on that… Read More

7 Keys to Firing Fair

Sometimes as managers of any field we reach a point with an employee that we are out of resources to truly help them succeed.  Their progress and motivation is not there despite our endless efforts of encouragement, and repetitive training.  Let’s face it some people are just not made for some jobs, this does not… Read More

Struggling malls to fall further behind in 2015- outlook

Originally posted on Fortune:
Consumers might be set to shop more in 2015, but that won’t be of much help to the hundreds of malls that are expected to disappear in the next decade. The conventional wisdom that malls are dying is only partly true. What’s really happening is the commercial real estate equivalent of…