Utilizing Business Cards

So you have collected your network…now what? Take Notes- After each conversation, jot down a few unique attributes of this individual onto the card.  This could range from appearance to conversation topics.  Be sure to write down any unique facts that you think will be a common bonding premise, such as an interest in a similar… Read More

How to Build and Maintain A Network

Step 1: Choose 3-4 Groups to involve yourself with  Conferences based on your career path.  Beauty conferences, blogging conferences, business conferences, electrician conferences, rocket science conferences, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to discovering these conferences because you have the internet.  It is worth the travel at least once a year to attend… Read More

9 Extremely Easy Tips to Succeed in Direct Sales

So Last Ways and Means Wednesday we discussed the early stages of choosing a Direct Sales Company to commit to.  Now how do we make that commitment become a success? 1.  First Schedule 3-5 killer upfront parties (one in the family, one for work friends, one with your bestie) to announce your big new commitment and… Read More