Twitter Talk: Why Do You Use Twitter?

Shopgirl’s Twitter for Duhmey’s: Week One 797 days since I joined the Twitter-verse and this is tweet #1,000! Thank you followers for keeping me inspired!#twitterfamous #milestones — Shopgirl Anonymous (@ShopGirlAnon) May 2, 2017 It started one cold January night as a simple wager with Mr. R.  So perhaps it was more an effort to… Read More

Weekly Round Up #11

Hello Dearest Readers and a Happy Weekend to You All! What an enjoyable week it has been, a couple of successful posts, a couple of duds, but you know you can’t really win them all.  I hope you all are as excited as I am to start a Twitter workshop series, here every Monday.  The idea… Read More

How To Support The Blogs You Love For Free!

Why Should I Share Blogs If I Do Not Blog? Because, simply, we blog for you.   If you enjoy a blog, please share it.  Our pay comes from your views, wether that be pay in cash or just through satisfaction of exposure.  If you share it, the blog will grow, and the greater growth the… Read More

6 Essential Questions To Your Direct Sales Success

Becoming a Direct Sales Rep is a great venture to sign on for in order to make some side hustle cash, and possibly achieve a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.  With the economy booming, and customers preferring to shop local or online, there is no better time to offer the convenience of your shopping experience through… Read More