My First Big Goal Met: 100 Followers

When I started this blog in January I went in with very little confidence, especially considering I started out with Tumblr instead of WordPress.  My goal originally was to write yet another blog ( I think I have like 15 out there?) except this time actually have someone out there reading it.  I had written… Read More

Liebster Award

***Additional nominations added, please scroll to bottom.*** Yes, that’s right, little ol’ me was nominated for a Liebster Award, one of those silly, simple little things that really means so much.  Thank you Josh Wrenn & Lynn K Scott for the nominations!  I feel like a lucky belle with two dates to the ball!  😉 Here… Read More

7 Reasons to Visit Your Local Brick and Mortar Stores

It is believed by some extremists that internet shopping will be the end of all Brick and Mortar locations.  They might as well stand on the street corner with their pitchforks and  slandering signs shouting out “The End Is Near!”  I’m not one of these extremist  but I am very strongly a believer of shopping… Read More

10 Quick Tips for Personal Safety in Retail

1. Talk to your manager about scheduling two employees every day after dark. 2. Never leave store premises to chase down a shoplifter, always call security first. 3.  Do not walk to your car alone at night.  If you work in a mall most security will escort you to your car free of charge. (invest… Read More