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20170117_134613.jpg7 Funny Side Effects Of Working Customer Service

A funny but true lists of the few perspectives of life that may change for you and those around you during and after your stint in retail.





The Most Detrimental Disservice You are Committing to Yourself.

Owning your worth and taking credit for what is yours.




Job Skills to Take from Retail to the “Real World”

A quick 5 point list of how to expand your “going nowhere” retail career.  What trait are you investing in?



Is There Hope for Retailers After Bankruptcy?

With the closing of big name clothiers Kenneth Cole and The Limited began to become an epidemic, there comes concern.

The Limited was only a first stepping stone to what would be become one of America's largest retailers. Get the full story of how one man went from pauper to billionaire.


The Limited Mission Statement

A Reflection on the achievement of the American Dream, and how even through what seems like darkness to the public eye, there is still success to be celebrated.

Planning a trip to Vegas? This mall is a must see! Click here for a complete description of atmosphere, shops, and restaurants.


Mall Review: Miracle Mile Shops of Vegas

Discover the struggles behind the scenes of one of the top 10 busiest malls in the USA.