How To Pay The Bills During Quarantine

This has not been easy.

Isolation is a vital measure in flattening the curve to relieve our medical facilities, not only for COVID-19 treatment, but every other health ailment doctors and nurses treat day to day.  That does not make a sudden disruption of cash flow any simpler to cope with.  Malls are closing, festivities are cancelling, Spring Break vacations squandered, and even Walt Disney World has shut down the parks for the first time in nearly two decades.  While much of the population can transition their day-to-day grind to their living room, not everyone is so lucky, especially those in the service industry.

So now what?

Have you tried filing for Unemployment yet?

If you are collecting zero pay, and have zero idea of when you may be allowed back to work, perhaps check your qualifications for unemployment for your state.  If you do not qualify, or are not satisfied with the amount, then do not fret, there are other options when opting out of unemployment.

Need to get out of the house?

Even while cities and states are entering complete and total lockdown Door Dash, Grub Hub, and UberEats are still permitted to deliver, and with the global fear of contamination, the demand is skyrocketing.   Joining these is as easy as downloading the app and then uploading a quick snapshot of your license.

If delivering your food is not your jam, perhaps delivering groceries is.  Amazon Prime is overrun with orders and is posting listing for new drivers.  InstaCart is also still functioning across the entirety of the United States right now, and have experienced a demand of deliveries tenfold.

Work Remotely

Perhaps you are seeking refuge from human contact, or would need a job that will allow you to stay at home since the kids are ALSO stuck at home.  Here is a series of sites to find jobs that you can easily do from home and earn some extra coin:

  • is a site that allows you to freelance by transcribing captions.  Accept as much or as little work as you are able to steal time away to yourself.
  •  What is your greatest talent?  Do you enjoy art, photography, writing, or graphic design?  Do you have a passion for sales or customer service?  Perhaps this is the time to put your talent out there for yourself on Upwork.  Who knows what could happen?
  •  Find remote jobs available globally.  From data entry to customer service Flexjobs has something for not only the introvert but the extroverts as well.

Teach & Tutor

  • There are several online teaching programs but the most popular to date is VIP Kids.  Earn 7-9 dollars per a 25 minute english class.  Hours are mostly evening as it focuses on teaching Chinese children English.
  • Or there is just tutoring on Chegg.  Although many schools are out nationwide, there are still online schools in session for students aged kindergarten to 99.  Let Chegg do the legwork of finding students in need, and leave you to guide them through the rest.

Sell Just Any Stuff

  •–  There is no time like the present to purge your cluttered closets and dressers, and there is no place like E-Bay to turn junk into cash.  Get rid of that lamp you’ve drug around since college, while making a buck or twenty.
  • you have a craft?  With so much time at home, perhaps now is the time to raid that crafty collection you’ve been hoarding for years (or maybe that’s just me) and make something!  Etsy makes it so easy for you to present and sell your crafts at such a great rate!
  • Consign- If you don’t have anything of your own to sell, offer to run the selling of clutter of others during this time.  Use sites like Ebay or ThredUp to push their unwanted items and take 40% of the profit for yourself.
  • Dropship-So you don’t want to craft, and you have nothing left to sell of your own, but running your own online shop sounds pretty groovy?  Take the online training, and start building your own shopify store.

When All Else Fails

When you have tried it all and still feel helpless there is alway to request help form family and friends.

Know that I am thinking of each and every one of you.  I am hoping for stress free adventures and self-discoveries during this time of crazy.

4 thoughts on “How To Pay The Bills During Quarantine

  1. I love the idea of joining uber eats etc if you want to get out the house this is brilliant! Hope its not too chaotic where you are and stay safe! 🙂

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