Utilizing Business Cards

So you have collected your network…now what?

Take Notes-

After each conversation, jot down a few unique attributes of this individual onto the card.  This could range from appearance to conversation topics.  Be sure to write down any unique facts that you think will be a common bonding premise, such as an interest in a similar hobby, or anything insightful that you feel you really gained from the experience.

Save the Digits-

You just returned from a free training session at the Chamber of Commerce or a luncheon with the Alumni Association.  You come into your office with a handful of business cards to flash to your boss, and then continue to add them to your Rolodex (if you’re a vintage-loving hipster) or perhaps you enter them into your Outlook on your computer.

Make the First Date

Set a time to contact the owners of these cards within five days’ time.  This will offer enough time to allow them to get settled into their routine and will be soon enough that you shall not have been forgotten.

Create a Correspondence 

Although phone calls are incredibly personal and a great way to communicate, sometimes an email is easier for a new acquaintance to handle in their busy schedules.  Come up with something kind, personal, and use at least one open-ended question.  What is it about them that stood out to you that hooked you enough to save their number?

Keep the Conversation Alive

Allow the email correspondence to live out its life cycle.  Be prompt in responding to emails.  Avoid sarcasm to avoid any misconceived interpretations as being condescending or angry.


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