4 Steps to (Re)Building Your Twitter Brand

Shop Girl Anonymous

Mr. R’s Twitter experiment was an overnight success, and needless to say I may have been a bit miffed.  First was the fact that I was just proven wrong, and second was the absolute frustration that for nearly two years I had struggled and found zero growth or reach with Twitter, and here he was an influencer, had big names like Nintendo, Kotaku and Star Wars responding and retweeting him, and was raking in the cash?!  “It’s not fair,” I might have just literally crossed my arms and jutted out my lower lip.

So we sat down and we pulled up my Twitter, and Mr. R gave me several foods for thought as we looked over my profile and feed.  One, that we will discuss today, was that I was not sticking to my brand.

“What do people see when they look at your feed?  Where is Shopgirl in all…

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