3 Benefits of Being a Shopgirl Retail Expert and How You Can Become One

We are presently looking for retail employees in, but not limited to, the fields of visual merchandising, retail technology, and specialized customer experiences.  There are many benefits to becoming a contributor, but here are the big three!

Make a Difference

Retail is in an exciting state of massive change and growth.  Everyday is bringing us changes that is revolutionizing the industry as a whole.  You are an expert in your field; your skills, theories, and ideas could help coach and open the mind of leaders to new strategies that would best optimize these exciting new state-of-the-art practices.

Build Your Network

With over 4,000 followers and 4 years in the blogging business, Shopgirl Anonymous has developed a reputation of being an ultimate source of retail gossip and managerial tips.  For those chosen to be a contributor they will have full credit for their content and immediate access to the readers from their article to their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, personal blog or any other forms of social media outreach they so choose.  Their expert voices will make them an influencer of their trade or specialization, and they will have a professional article or two to add to a professional portfolio.

Be Heard With Half the Effort

There is no need to deal with website maintenance, social media images, or even their own marketing.   The minimum effort required from them is to simply type up their informed opinions and let the Shop Girl team develop their words into a professional article that is circulating across the globe.


  • Must be able to agree to writing within the guidelines presented by Shopgirl Anonymous upon acceptance.
  • Must have the ability to commit to writing at least one article a month to maintain active contributor status
  • Must be an expert (through experience or education) in a particular field of customer service and retail
  • Must have at least six months experience in Retail or Customer Service
  • Must have the ability to utilize a word processor
  • Must have a functioning email account and an active participant on at least one social media platform

To Apply

The Shopgirl Anonymous team has worked hard to build up our brand and reputation.  It is important that our contributors share a passion for our cause and a commitment to our success.  If you’re a contributor to us, our success becomes in a large part a contributor to your personal success.

  1. Please send a personal message through the Complaints Department (located on the bottom of this screen)
    1. Include your name
    2. Your specialization
    3. The Social Media Accounts you are active on.
    4. And a short summary of what you do and why you want to be a contributor.
  2. Within the body of the email please give a 300-500 word writing sample.
    1. It must have a title
    2. It must have

Email Attachments will not be opened.

It should take no longer then 5 to 7 business days to hear back.

Disclaimer: As Shopgirl Anonymous is a 100%  zero profit blog this is presently not a paying position.

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