Twas the Eve Before Christmas: Retail Edition

It was the eve before Christmas and all through the mall

not a patron was stirring, not down the halls.

Plastic sacks hung by the cash wrap with care

in hopes that our customers would hit with fanfare.

The associates grumbled and then they said,

the weather has shut down all of town, widespread.

My assistant in a tiff and I with a clap,

declared on this day we will clean up asap!

Immediately their arose such chatter,

And then through the store we quickly did scatter.

We raided the backroom for decades of trash,

we distracted ourselves from the sales backlash.

The roadways were blanketed in sheets of snow

Causing the entire borough to burrow.

The results of this lull in traffic we did fear,

Would cause our Christmas bonus to disappear.

The hours of overtime were quite drastic,

The compensation of time elastic.

The past had faced challenges we overcame,

but the doom of this month we did exclaim.

“No gift for my love!””No bike for my son!”

Proclaiming defeat in unison.

So “off with the lights we did call”

and decided to afford, that all in all

Our efforts today would mollify

An upcoming year’s greatest supply

Of sales, goals, and achievement breakthroughs.

And in our kindred bond our team grew.

We found we may not be bulletproof,

but our uplifted spirits served as proof

that despite the lull in our shanty town

our team had the strength to be renowned.

With opportunity for output,

and my eagerness for the input

we developed a plan of attack

to set ourselves on the winning track.

Our eyes how they twinkled!  With our plan so merry!

We challenged this new year unwary!

2010 we were confident to know

would be our year to steal the retail show!

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