What’s So Unique About The Lush Experience Anyway?

Lush seems to be quite the hot topic with their products constantly scrolling across our Instafeeds and their aroma seemingly awaiting us around every corner.  But where did they come from, and how did they become such an integrated part of who we are as a people?  I mean seriously, they were established only in 1995 and within 20 years they had exceeded 900 locations.  20 years may sound like a long time, but in the language of retail in a time of recession and technological transitions that footprint is “inconceivable”!

Lush MissionLast year Lush announced that they would now halt further growth for 3 years in an effort to place their full scope of focus on revisiting locations to improve the customer experience further.

But what is there to improve upon, and what on Earth are they doing that they have defied that supposed death of retail everyone is so hyped up on talking about?

Genuine Interactions

When you walk into a Lush store you are not greeted with the average, “can I help you find anything” line.  It’s warmer than that, it’s more genuine than that.  The employees are paid well, trained thoroughly, and given props and more natural opportunities to connect with their customers.  They are excited to work for the company, and as a result they are excited to share their bliss with you, the customer.

The interview processes can range, but on average they are far more active than the average ten questions one would experience at any typical retailer.  Expect less Q & A and more team building games, secret shops, and trial floor runs; starting employees with more of a welcome to the family on the ground running sort of mentality.

And Then There’s the Product

Lush’s product is not only unique, it has a purpose and tells a story.   Since they create their own bath time luxuries it is also easier for them to keep that door of new exciting buys revolving; such as the most recent craze of the Ariana Grande inspired “God is a Woman” holographic bath bomb.

They do good: good quality, good natural renewable resources, and absolutely never tested on animals, which is good.  And we keep coming back, one because we want more product, and two because after five emptied tubs we can bring them back for more good product for free.  The 5 for 1 product is just a whole lot of win for everyone.   More returning customers, less use of resources, and saves a penny or two for the company over all.

Continuous Improvement

Part of this store revamp initiative over the course of the next couple of years is to do away with the line at the register.  Getting rid of the registers will make more room for new product, and give the customers a little more room to breathe in their incredibly cramped locations.  The employees will now carry the purchasing power to you with their very own tablets that will now serve as their portable POS system.

It is one thing to grow as a company, it’s another to do it with quality in mind.   They are not risking irrelevance, they have their eye on the ball, letting no store, employee, or customer fall through the cracks.


Lush Experience

Thank you Lush for raising that bar and showing us retail success is still relevant,



4 thoughts on “What’s So Unique About The Lush Experience Anyway?

  1. I started using lush shampoo bars because they make traveling so easy. Then started using their deodorant for the same reason. Plus it just makes me feel so much better about not having to throw away plastic bottles all the times.

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