Zara Uses Their Instagram Influencers to Influence More Than Just Their Shoppers

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Zara Mission

International Fast Fashion brand, Zara, is gaining momentum rather than losing steam in this time of eCommerce shake-ups across the brick and mortar industry. Their commanding success is a result of much more than just cramming displays with affordable, fresh fashion for the masses. Instead, they specialize in preserving their relevance by listening to the customers’ desires and remaining in a constant chain of innovation to fit those needs.

While great fashion giants of our past rolled out a total of 4 new collections over the course of the entire year, Zara is pushing out more than 208. And while The Limited screamed bankruptcy back in January of 2017, Zara remains the leader in sales growth of their entire industry.

Instead of telling the world what to wear, Zara is listening to it. While most big retailers use Instagram Influencers to place their product in the main-streams of our social media feeds, Zara instead allows the images of Instagram to inspire their designs.

“You can find everything on your phone now – you can see everything that is being worn in New York, Shanghai, Tokyo at one time — that was something that didn’t happen 15 years ago,” said one Zara designer.

The quicker turnover means lower stock levels, which suggests less product is going to waste. More importantly, they are giving the customers what they want now, not what they dreamed up 6 months ago.
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