I Published My First eBook on Amazon

I have wanted to be a published author for as long as I can remember.  And I have wanted to write this book for nearly a decade, well maybe not this exact book in particular, but the seed was planted in the height of my retail success, and developed through the practices, lessons, and interactions from this blog.

Why is your store failing?  So many managers were asked at the height of the recession. A sea of excuses flowed in, everyone was so checked out and turned off that they hopelessly blamed the customer and drooping economy.  I wished I could help them to understand that it wasn’t the customer’s fault, the economy’s fault, nor was it the manager’s fault either.  It was merely a stagnate vision.

The base of the problem is we are measuring retail success with a rubric that is dated by nearly 200 years, and have been coasting on the innovations of radical thinkers of the 19th century to try to satisfy a customer of the 21st century.  

And so I traveled stores to preach the gospel of the new future, I wrote the blog, I kept up the twitter, the facebook, and occasionally the LinkedIn.  I never wanted to stop empowering, I always want to foster a pride and passion for the job back into the retail employee.

And then I quit.  I decided to just be a mom.  It was less than a month ago that the epiphany of the first chapter (the third chapter in the book) hit me like a ton of bricks.  And so I sat down and wrote.  The next day as I fed the dogs, the next chapter had me streaming and stringing words through my mind as I made the chase of three dachshunds to corral them in their run, this became what is chapter two.

That night I visited some blogger friends who were in town for a conference.  Over cheese, wine, and laughter I was finally in my element, discussing the thing I loved most, writing.  They suggested I publish my book as an eBook, to which I immediately turned up my nose.  I wanted to be a real author.

Crash (re)CourseI kept writing my book, reaching out to an acquaintance from my past to proof as I wrote on Google Docs.  Like most books, as I began to venture on the last two chapters I began to doubt myself.  Why am I wasting time writing this?  Who would care what I have to say? Like I could get published anyway.

After a week-long sabbatical from writing the book, I realized something, these doubts, my perspective on what was and was not a “real author”, I was a part of the very problem that I was combatting.  I was measuring my success on the dated rubric of the 20th century.

It didn’t matter what I thought, what mattered is that I stayed true to my audience.  I wanted a book that was short and simple.  I wanted a book that inspired my readers with a new outlook or perspective on their outlook or routine.  I wanted to give managers something to get excited about, and so I wrote it, published it, and now it is time to get the word out.  So feel free to spread the word.  This book is the first in what will be a series.  I plan to release an effective training book in less than 2 weeks from now.

There are lessons I learned from this book and the process.  Formatting will be different in future books.  I learned a lot about the limits set by publishing your own books through Amazon, which aren’t many, but just so happened to be just the limits I was pushing.  I wanted a workbook with lines for writing and answering, this is something that wasn’t exactly feasible in multiple formats.

I wanted a paperback version, not only to own for myself to display on my bookshelf but to provide my managers something tangible to write in, innovate, and rip apart.  But Microsoft Word is the required software for this venture, a software I do not currently have, nor can my family exactly afford at this point in our adventure.  So it will come, just not today.

I’m not one to ask for help, but this is something I’m really excited about.  Please help to spread the word:




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