Hello Fresh- The Proof is in the Gluten-Free Bread Pudding

Back before we were a strictly dairy free, Mediterranean, Paleo family we subscribed to Blue Apron…twice.  The first time was in April of 2015, and at first, like the rest of subscribers, we loved it.   It’s easy to keep the subscription about a month until you begin to realize your fridge is building up with ingredients that you don’t know if they were from the Blue Apron skipped two weeks ago or the one from this week.   The recipes were also fun at first and then suddenly seemed to turn into a boring blend of pan-seared salmon, pan seared trout, or pan-seared cod week after week.

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After ingredient overload, and recipe exhaustion we stopped it only to start again a couple of years later.  The second time around, knowing what we were getting into, we approached the commitment better prepared.  We planned nights that were “Blue Apron” nights to cook and stuck to that schedule, and it was good.  We let it play out until our lives and our diets just got overly complicated.

Recently I feel like we’ve hit a point of balance in our diet planning that I’m ready to jump back on the meal subscription saddle.  I’m so glad the world of grocer retail has taken this specialized turn for a number of reasons.

Why Subscribe to a Meal-Kit Program

Variety is Healthy

Variety is a vital component in your diet on so many different levels.  You need variety in nutrients to keep your body healthy.  You need variety in tastes to keep your appetite strong.

We’ve been told it’s best to eat with the season, and with kits like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron your recipes are catered around what is fresh.  Your veggies vary, your proteins change, and you have exciting new tastes to explore with your family without having to completely restock your entire kitchen for every meal.  And what’s better than replacing those sodium crammed canned veggies with fresh greens, purples, and reds from the garden?

Food Waste is an Epidemic

Subscribe to Hello FreshFood waste is a serious problem in the U.S. for a number of reasons.  One of is the amount of food finding their way into the garbage that could go to feeding those in need.  The other is, of course, the waste coming out of your pocketbook.   I read some stats on The Swag that read that 40% of food is wasted annually in the US, while 20% of the food actually purchased is never eaten.  The amount of food you save will already balance out the slightly higher price of the pre-portioned meal plan.

I am guilty, I used to be overwhelmed by the race of rotting fruits and vegetables before I started purchasing the meal kits at Publix.  The kits are tailored to the recipes so very little waste is left over from the meal prep, and the meals are portioned to healthily feed a family, which means my trash liner is spared unused ingredients or sloppy leftovers.

Less Stress

One or two meals a day will not eliminate meal planning all together but will reduce the time and effort you will have to put into it each week.  Spend less time at the grocery store because ingredients are not only included but already portioned.  Making meal prep something you can hop right into without having to run all over hunting down a gazillion ingredients.

Quality Family Time

Cooking with your family builds a bond beyond the screens we have grown so accustomed to.  Cooking balanced meals with our kids teaches them not only a basic life skill but also positive nutritional habits.  These kits make it easier to have these moments, and the journey of learning a new recipe builds a stronger bond between husband and wife, boyfriend and boyfriend, and of course parent and child.

Why Hello Fresh 

Hello Fresh is dominating the U.S. Meal Kit market, surpassing its predecessor Blue Apron in a fast and furious way.  As I look into all the meal plan options from Martha to Plated, Hello Fresh’s large hold makes sense.

Diet Varieties:

Unlike Blue Apron and Martha who only offer a two-person vegetarian option, Hello Fresh offers a wide range of options for all those picky, pesky diets out there including but not limited to:

  • Keto Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Paleo Friendly

Hello Fresh MissionEasier To Use

Martha made homemaking a profession and her kit will require not so common kitchen appliances that only housewife pros would own to accompany her complicated recipes.   The greatest complaint about Blue Apron is the difficulty in mastering their recipes.  From my own experience, most all of my failures could be traced back to poorly written instructions full of typos or steps out of order or left out altogether.

Hello Fresh boasts of easy recipes that the entire family can follow.


Hello Fresh seems to be everywhere.  They have mastered the art of connecting with their customers on a personal level.  These connections not only personalize and improve the Hello Fresh experience, but they also double as a brilliant marketing campaign.  From our Instagram feeds, blogs, and on to their great customer referral programs the 90% spike of revenue over 2017 stands as a testament to the power of social media.

…what’s been really fun with the rise of content is allowing our customers to play a participatory role in our content creation.

Matt Fitzgerald, VP of Marketing Hello Fresh

They are listening and they are involved.  Across 10 countries they have 10 separate teams catering to each region’s voice, needs, and season.

Do you Hello Fresh?  Would you, could you in a box?  With a fox?



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6 thoughts on “Hello Fresh- The Proof is in the Gluten-Free Bread Pudding

  1. I would try this if my kids weren’t so picky. Their tastebuds change by the day. I try to stick to simple elements to avoid food waste and cater to everyone.


  2. With just two of us and Whole Foods across the street as well as Cool Greens, it’s easier for me to shop in the morning after my run as we are strictly plant based eaters who don’t do dairy, sugar, flour or meat. I hate to waste food and found I did that a lot with the Blue Apron.

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