5 Ways Gucci Sets Out To Change the World

Gucci Mission.pngGucci’s Mission Statement may be as simple as

to become the leader in luxury market at worldwide level

but their actions speak much louder than these words as they are not only a world wide leader in luxury but in love and change as well.

Entering the Gucci state of mind can be quite an interesting, borderline terrifying experience to someone who is not accustomed to their eccentric mindsets.  From severed heads walking down the runway to $1,000 basic rubber totes it may come as no surprise to you that Gucci is not afraid to speak out when it comes to sensitive matters.


For The Love of Animals

In 2017 Gucci announced that starting Spring 2018 they would be 100% fur free.  Even the remaining fur product that still stocks the shelves will be shipped back and auctioned off.  All proceeds of the auction will go to the Humane Society.


For The Love of Life

This may seem like a strange stance for a fashion company to even risk taking an interest in.  In 2016 49 innocent souls were lost in an infamously tragic shooting at an Orlando night club, two of those individuals were Gucci employees.

“Corporate neutrality is completely finished,” he added. “Today you need as a corporation and as a leader to take [a] stance.”

Marco Bizzarri, Gucci CEO

This past year when there was yet another mass shooting, this time in a Florida School Gucci did not hesitate to take their stance, speak out, and donate $500,000 to the March For Our Lives.



For The Love of Earth

In 2004 Gucci decided without prompting to completely rethink they way the manufacture.  As written in my last year post on H&M’s slow efforts to clean up fashion, Gucci has long been working towards change.  Their dyes are without toxins, their minerals are mined safely, their packaging is recycled, and such a growing variety of eco-friendly products.


For The Love of Others

Landlocked Burundi, Africa has plenty of options for clean and sanitary waters but not the funding to access it.  Gucci has donated One Million Dollars through their own charity organization to help Beyonce and her efforts to build 145 wells, pumping clean water for better health, hygiene, and sanitation to this overlooked city.


For the Love of Women

Chime for Change is a charity that was started by Gucci, Beyonce, and Salma Hayek that works for women empowerment and equality.  Visiting their website you will see a ton of resources to read and watch that will educate the masses on the realities behind the struggle of womankind.  They also reach out to communities, feed the hungry, rebuild the broken, and reach out to women in need in all walks of life, all over the globe.




Gucci Makes Change









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