Chanel: Staying #InVogue

This is a new age of retail and fashion.  An age where chic is defined by it’s digital appeal.   And though Chanel refuses to drop their brick and mortar,

“Our position on e-commerce is the same. We want to connect our customers with our product and our boutiques are the best way to do so.”

Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s President of Fashion

they are discovering other avenues to connect with their buyer on a more current and high-tech plain.  In the writing of this article I have found myself beyond starstruck and in awe of how this iconic brand has modernized the shopping experience without even developing an online shop.

Brick and Mortar of The Future

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of these dresses is the fairest of them all?  Imagine a mirror that answers with your size specifications, and color preferences; distributing the perfect dress you desire.  Imagine walking into a brick and mortar Chanel shop and finding a shopping rack personalized to your preferences?!

“Luxury customers will require more personalized experiences, because that’s the way they live their life.”

Farfetch founder and CEO Jose Neves

Though the specific details have not been revealed as of yet, Chanel’s President of Fashion and Farfetch’s founder and CEO Jose Neves have entered a long term partnership in order to bring the brick and mortar experience out of the nineties and into 2020.  By the end of this year we may start to see some prototypes in the partnership unveiling at a Chanel location in France, but the global release is still years away.

3-D Printing Product

It’s mind blowing to me that something seeming as simple as a Mascara brush has been in the works for 17 years.  First thought up in 2001, patented in 2007, and now, after over a 100 prototypes is finally hitting the stages of being a first in what I’m sure will be a long line of beauty applicators to be 3D printed in such industrial proportions.

Despite this being such a long process, the benefit of this new age of manufacturing is supposed to cut cost, time, and allow for more freedom to work and customize their products.


The Ice Cream Museum has taken Instagram by storm.  Falling in suit, and taking it to the next level Chanel has developed it’s own Insta aggregator account @welovecoco.  Now anyone from the Hollywood elite to the fashion savvy blogger who share a love for Chanel can connect on this feed.  Accompanying the launch of this new concept last February was a completely free to the public IRL pop up “Chanel Beauty House” in where else but West Hollywood from March 1-4.

If you missed this pop up, who knows, there may be another one popping up near you in the not so distant future.


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9 thoughts on “Chanel: Staying #InVogue

  1. It’s amazing what the future will hold isn’t it? I can’t even begin to comprehend how much interactive stuff we might see in stores in the future – and what retailers will have to do to keep up with it all. I also was a little staggered to see that it’s been 17 years since 2001 (it seems like only yesterday!) and the amount of time it takes to make a mascara wand.

    Leanne |
    D for Don’t Give Up

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