Amazon Prime Now- Shopgirl has turned to the Dark Side

“Shit,” it slipped out before I could even stop myself.  I stared up at the glowing red bullseye from the drivers side window as Mr. R made the final touches on the great restraining of baby K’s car seat.  “We forgot the diapers.”  It was the entire reason we had embarked on this journey with three loud and bouncy kids to Target to begin with.

“That’s okay, we can order it on Amazon Prime Now, it will at least be here before bed time,” Mr. R had been chomping at the bit to try this new service of one to two hour delivery provided by our local Amazon distribution center.  As shopgirl, I loathed the idea of ordering online, but right now looking across the crowded parking lot I hated the idea of unloading the kids all over again even more.

“Okay,” I permitted, as if he had even considered to wait for my feeling on this incredibly huge life altering personal decision.

I was really working on my mom of the year award and so we drove thru a nearby Steak and Shake as Mr. R put the finishing touches on our $25 minimum order.  The wait for our food left us sitting at the window for nearly 30 minutes as the thick lensed associate on the other side continuously forgot vital elements to our order like a burger here or a carton of fries there.

When we pulled up at our house the Amazon delivery man was pulling away and that first collection of brown bags with that ever so mocking Amazon grin stared up at me as Li’l A and I approached the door hand in hand.  “Gotcha,” it seemed to say as I grabbed one of the bags and made our way into the house.

It was a slippery slope from there, and of course the higher one climbs the further one has to fall.  I started to use it for little things, simple, innocent things even.  Like when I was conducting a fun summer lesson plan and had forgotten a crucial supply for our crafts, or when I was planning that night’s dinner and realized I had forgotten a single ingredient at the store.  I mean this was my kids’ education, or my children’s’ nutrition we were talking about.

When we moved to Our Little Castle something in me changed.  My depression began to take over, a struggle I discussed last April on the blog, my energy was depleted, my willpower vanished.  I started to use Amazon Prime Now as a part of my daily routine.  Between Uber Eats and Amazon I managed to not leave the house for an entire month, short of our once a week trip to Disney Springs.  It literally took Hurricane Irma to drive me out of the safe confines of our home.  In that time Amazon felt like a blessing but perhaps was the curse.

With that, obviously went the blog, a cause I felt now futile and hypocritical.  I switched my blog over to a Orland mom lifestyle blog to allow more time for being mom and finishing my book.

I went as far this past month to join their ranks, turning my blog into an Amazon Affiliate.  I wanted to make it easier for moms like me to find and purchase any classroom and activity necessities they may have been missing.

Do you have access to Amazon Prime Now where you live yet?  How do you feel about it?




13 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Now- Shopgirl has turned to the Dark Side

  1. Have only used Amazon at Christmastime, as I hate shopping, and that seems to be the best way to avoid it. I hear that Pittsburgh is vying for the Amazon HQ2 site, and if that happens, I’m sure the Amazon Prime Now service will not be far behind. Of course, it may be here, and I just don’t even know it. Sounds intriguing!

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  2. I’m a big fan of prime. I tried two hour delivery for a home project recently and I was really pleased. For of all things blackout curtains for our bedroom. Not a big curtain fan but I love these! And loved that I made a decision and had them to know if they would work for us same day,

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  3. I haven’t looked into Prime Now although I do have Prime. I have a feeling we have it as I see Amazon vans delivering in our neighborhood. Maybe I’ll look into it, but probably not. We don’t have the same needs as a family with kids and all.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out (A)

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  4. I am definitely behind the times. I don’t even have regular ‘Amazon Prime’. I seriously need to burst into the current century (I know)! Thank you for sharing this.

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  5. We do, but I have not yet used it. I still feel guilty about using regular old Prime. Do you ever watch Futurama? I feel like Amazon is MOM. *Chills up and down my spine.”

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  6. No Amazon Prime Now. Just plain ol’ Amazon Prime. We use it for gfree items mainly. Our local stores tend to either run out or forget to stock our staple pantry needs. Thank goodness for online ordering or we’d be traveling 30 minutes minimum for these things.

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