10 Ways to Fill A Day At Grapevine Mills

Although the primary goal of Grapevine Mills is to provide you with the best quality products at the lowest possible prices, their large outlay makes it possible to not only provide a well rounded shopping experience but a family fun aspect too.   As stated in a previous post this week, this mall is a popular tourist destination.  It is 10 miles from the DFW airport, making it a convenient stop heading in or out of town.  Exciting hotels in the areas, such as the Gaylord or Great Wolf Lodge also make it a popular spot for those visiting Dallas, who may not wish to deal with the traffic or pay the expense of renting their own car.

A day at Grapevine Mills really holds endless possibilities, but here I will list 10:

1. LegoLand   $$ 

1-4 Hours

Returned 30 Minutes later, absolutely no line.

The most famous way to spend a good couple of hours at Grapevine if you have kids in tow is to check out Legoland.  Even if you are an adult you could still probably kill a good hour checking out the amazing and elaborate lego structures and dark room ride.

2. Sea Life   $$

1-2 Hours


Grab the package deal, also owned by Merlin entertainment and check out the Sea Life aquarium.  Grapevine Mills is the only mall in Texas with an aquarium built in.  With our without kids Sea Life is a high quality undersea adventure for all ages to enjoy.

3.  Round 1  $

1-3 Hours


Bowl on over to Round 1 for some Billiards, Ping Pong, and even Karaoke?!  So much to keep the entire family entertained.  Let the teens take on the full arcade while the tots run off their wiggles in the kids play area.

4. The Escape Game $$

1 Hour (it is advised to reserve your spot in advance)


This was under construction during my visit but has opened this past May!  Like an immersive mystery thriller video game except in real life.  Work with your friends or family to follow the clues to escape the room you are trapped in!  This is not your ma and pop escape room, but one the best of its kind, found in only the most trafficked tourist areas such as Orlando, Nashville, Chicago, and now Grapevine.

5. AMC $$

2-3 hours


Enjoy Dinner and a movie all in one place with AMC’s Dine In Theatre experience.

6.  Rainforest Cafe $$

1 hour


Dine in an immersive rainforest experience without having to leave the mall.  The food is great, the experience if incredible, and the gift shop is full of fun and unique items.  I found it very interesting that this Rainforest Cafe had a Build a Bear location stationed in it!  (Warning: Could be frightening to young children, or is it just mine?)

7. Texas Treasures $

30 minutes


Roam around Texas Treasures to grab all your souvenirs, or if you are Texas native, your necessary gear.  From giant foam cowboy hats to Texas team themed kitchen utensils this shop has it all!

8.  Disney Store $

30 minutes


Who doesn’t love a little Magic and Wonder Added to their day?  How about a little extra magic and wonder at a fraction of the going price?  Now you’re talking my language!  Experience the Disney outlet location, just near the food court.

9.  Carousel $

30 minutes


In the center of the food court (just before grabbing a scrumptious bite of Mango Chicken at Thai Kitchen) enjoy a fun nostalgic ride on the carousel.  And hey they have a repeat offenders card, 1 free ride for every 9!

10. Books-A-Million $

All Day


What is vacation for if not a little bit of enlightenment blended with some R & R?  What better place for a well rounded boost in energy and inspiration than a day spent wandering the aisles of an old fashioned book shop and a cup of java.  Check out some addition interesting Books-A-Million facts here!


$ 0-20 per person

$$  30-50 per person

10 Ways To Fill A Day At Grapevine Mills Mall in Dallas, TX
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Until next time fan boys and girls—>



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14 thoughts on “10 Ways to Fill A Day At Grapevine Mills

  1. Is this at a shopping mall? Haha, I am always reluctant to go to places like this. I say to myself I’m not going to enjoy this at all. But then when I get there I become the biggest kid of them all..lol.

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  2. I’ve probably asked you this before, but could you do a post on the best malls in San Antonio? I visited there years ago and visited about 4 or 5 malls and most of them looked dead. Any good ones besides the one that is right near the Riverwalk?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That is such a bummer. It sounds like North Star Mall is near where all the wealthy people live in San Antonio. I know for a fact that most of the Spurs live in the North part of San Antonio.

        Liked by 1 person

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