A Week At North Park

Today concludes the week (and then some) 100% dedicated the the legendary North Park Center of Dallas, TX.  I could probably dedicate a month to this mall alone, and I’m sure I’ll find myself revisiting further dedicated weeks to this mall in the future.

3.4 (2)

Through Instagram and a week of blog posts, every post could be linked back to the North Park Center, and here is the hub for every bit of it:

  1. Tree House: Climbing to New Sustainable Household Heights
    • I stumbled into this company, quite literally with their amazing pop up display they bestowed along one of the wide stretched corridors of North Park Center.
  2. The Six Hammering Men:: A Poem
    • The Nasher’s want to inspire their shoppers to think beyond themselves and the walls of this mall, and I did just that with Borofsky’s Six Hammering Men that are scattered about south court as well as just outside of Neiman Marcus.
  3. Game Stop: Not the Next Blockbuster
    • Did you know Game Stop’s first shop ever was in North Park Center?  Here’s a snap shot of where the company is headed more than two decades later.
  4. 7 Wonders You Didn’t Know About North Park Center
    • Think you know everything there is to know about this amazing center?  Thank again.
  5. North Park In Pictures
    • A look at those picture perfect moments and inspirations from such an amazing mall through the lens of Instagram.

Until next time fan boys and girls—>



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