North Park Center in Pictures

Every mall can be inspiring.  Within each one there is a sea of history and story.  There are the faces of companies, and the visual stimulations spotted through glass.  There are offerings in the street from the strangers you’ll never meet.  North Park Center did not lack in its rich journey and design.  The lighting made it easy to photograph those moments I wanted to look closer into.  The mysteries I wanted to unfold, and the questions I wanted answered.

Below are this week’s answers…

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I love when visual merchandising really captures the story of a company’s journey. After the Industrial Revolution Marlboro, Mass was the leading city of shoe manufactures in the U.S. In the thick of the U.S. Civil War Frye opened his own Shoe factory there in 1863. The Frye Company's signature boot, The Harness Boot, was designed in 1960, a tribute to the companies 100 year long legacy and based after the shoes of the Calvary men who fought in the civil war. Rings suspend by raw leather straps from the ceiling of this shop, and the walls are lined with the raw brick of the factory walls pulling you back to the lives of the factory workers during these revolutionary times while you shop their legacies over a century later.

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