4 Methods To My Tweetness

In my short few months of taking Twitter seriously I’ve noticed there are all different forms of tweets.   Some people love to dump the same tweet over and over and over again hoping to be seen in the fast paced sea of updates.  Some people tweet at least 20 times a day while others no more than 5.  Some people use hashtags, while others just shout out random statements.   Twitter user strategies are all over the place, and I was just curious, what is the method behind your tweet?

Personally myself?   Considering my husband was paid 70 dollars a tweet, I believe in solid quality tweets.   I don’t tweet more than 5 times a day, if even 2; putting much thought into each moment of potential Twitter fame.  Defining quality is something I’ve addressed before in my blog, considering I have studied much in the field of ISO and Six Sigma.   I utilize these 4 tools when defining quality.

It’s Relatable

I try to make my tweets a comment that can stand on its own, and relate to a wide audience.  The more open, the more likely it is to be found on someone else’s Twitter feed, because they were able to find some relativity to it that they think their followers/friends will enjoy.

It’s the difference between posting something like, “This is a pic of me and my dog max”  and instead posting something like, “New Puppy cuteness overload!”  No one really knows you, or your dog Max, and no offense unless your Christine Teigen they probably don’t really care.  But a wider audience can definitely agree that puppies are cute, and some even compelled enough to share that passion for cute puppies on their feed.

Instead of saying, “I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy tonight” I relayed a sensation I felt most any girl in the theatre was thinking:

It’s Well Written 

Twitter is the bane of my existence at times with its lack of edit feature!   Read, and reread your tweet before you hit that button.   Using Your in place of You’re can be so distracting for some that it pulls away from your message all together.

This tweet will forever live to haunt me.   Misspelling the word “jamb” took away from the entire series of tweets I had developed to follow this one.  And yes, there was a smashed lizard in my door jamb, I have pictures for those who are curious.

It Grabs The Readers Attention 

Let’s face it, we are in the age of Millennials, and we need visual stimulation.   I spend at least twenty minutes of creating my tweet simply searching for that “perfect” gif.  One that demonstrates my point, and will make my audience chuckle or smile.  Gif’s can not only make your post stand out it also conserves your character count, explaining the background behind that comment you are making or your emotional intent while writing it.

In this Tweet below I used the Mackelmore gif so that I could point out that I was referencing a popular song and that my intent is playful not negative.  It put the beat into my readers’ heads and gave the tweet a playful life.

It Inspires a Smile

I mean let’s be honest.  As much quality talk I spew out, at the end of the day I am on Twitter not to make money but to have fun. I want my followers to have something to smile about, and I want to stir up conversation.  I personally don’t touch politics or religion, offending or hurting others is too easy in those categories, and most the twitter users I follow do the same, keeping it a stress free playground of pop culture, consumer trends, and lots of laughter.

Shopgirl Wants To Know:

  • What’s your Tweeting Method?
  • How many times a day do you tweet?
  • Drop a link to a tweet that best demonstrates your tweeting method.
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Until next time fan boys and girls—>



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29 thoughts on “4 Methods To My Tweetness

  1. Loving the Twitter Talks! I tweet to talk to others in my future career field & other bloggers, and also to share things that I find cool or educational (for myself). It’s fun to sort of build an online timeline w/helpful articles & resources that have helped me! I also don’t ever think about what will help other people or what they will enjoy. My best tweets are always when it’s something I’m really into. Here’s an example: https://twitter.com/ptcontender/status/869398859012767744

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tell me about follow Friday. What is the most helpful thing one can do if tagged in a follow Friday? I typically click the other blogs and follow who I find interesting then heart the post. Is there anything else I could be doing to help the kind person that tagged me?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think Follow Friday used to be much bigger then it is now but I like it quite a bit. It will take a little bit but once you start to regularly push people,they will respond in kind…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have yet to jump in and really use twitter! But I’ll definitely be referring to your tips in this post – they are so clever and attainable!

    Rebecca | morerebe.com

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  3. Your tweets are funny and well thought out I like them. Well honestly I have my tweets automated with jetpack and revive post and will go in throughout the day and retweet people like crazy but perhaps I will start posting meaningful tweets more because my stats have been skyrocketing

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  4. Very helpful information! I am definitely on board with the whole “reaching a wider audience.” I used to be much better about tweeting. I felt like I would constantly THINK in 120 characters. My jokes were funny. (Or, at least, I made my laugh). I wonder how those tweets would do now with a bigger following. My funniest stuff was when the only people following me was my family, hahahah!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Twitter is something I have been totally neglecting up to now. I am only really using FB, Pinterest and G+ at the moment. You make twitter sound like more fun than I actually thought, maybe I should get more into it.

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  6. I am not on twitter and honestly I even don’t have much idea about these twitter rules or say tips. But this is a nice post. I got an insight into the twitter world.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I really enjoyed this post, and I love your writing style! I’m also somewhat embarrassed to admit that I know nothing about Twitter… the lack of edit feature alone makes me nervous! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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