6 Ridiculous Fashion Choices This Spring

I once thought 80’s had the most ridiculous outfits.  That combined with the imaginative visions form the 1980’s of the early 2000’s in Back to the Future were absolutely ridiculous.   I’d literally spare time in my prayers to thank God that, that horrifying era had passed just in time for me to become aware of poor fashion choices.

But recently the upper-end retailers have been giving the ’80s a definite run for it’s money.  Here are the most ridiculous trends I could find on the internet so far this season.

Ladies First:

First we went from Invisible Knees at Nordstroms to Invisible Pants at Top Shop!

And then we asked the fashion gods, but what can we wear underneath…and Marie Claire Answered:

But for those of more modest types that just want to be able to shred down to shorts when it is a most necessary circumstance…don’t miss out on these convertible jeans ladies!!!

And then there are these great new styles for men:

Barney’s New York, I have only one or two or a billion questions:  Who, why, how?!

And because men felt left out in the nude experience in the public restrooms, we now have this:


Join in the fun, what ridiculous trend have you seen this season?!  Share on any platform or here in the comments.  Don’t forget to tag your’s truly so I can join the hysteria with you!  And I must ask, would you wear any of these…uhm…unique fashion choices?

Until next time fan boys and girls—>



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8 thoughts on “6 Ridiculous Fashion Choices This Spring

  1. The convertible jeans remind me of a pair of pants I made in high school with a similar function. I had bet someone that I could make a better pair of bondage pants than his Hot Topic that he thought were so edgy. Mine had a pretty much fully exposed mid thigh with the legs held up by connecting straps and oversize back pockets. Needless to say, I liked them because they were rediculous.

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