I Want That Feeling of Safe Again

The House of R practices the tradition of weekend morning brunches at Disney Springs.  This past Saturday was no different as I sat back on a rocker with Baby K, shaded by the overhang of the Disney Springs Welcome center.  I smiled, thinking back to my father, my own childhood.  I sometimes wonder how this came to be my life?  I looked at the Zara before me, the shadows cast from its sign was captivating and I had wished I had brought a camera steal a quick shot.   And then I watched my favorite piece of Disney, the tourists.   I remember the magical oasis Disney created for my family before living here, how much magic you devoured on a daily basis.  There was no such thing as exhaustion or heat, only princesses and pirates sprinkled with pixie dust.

I watch for the arm bands, and then the traveler mugs that allow an endless supply of soda to the resort stayers.   I watch their bliss, and excitement.   The 1st time visit badges are my favorite, I am taken back to my first time at Disney with a family of my own.  I have so much excitement for them, that sometimes my eyes have been known to water and I say a silent prayer that their travels be safe and full of wonder.  Suddenly though, my blissful hopes for a complete stranger were interrupted by a man in all black.

Nearly noon on a Saturday in June and this man is wearing a heavy black hoodie over his head, and large baggy black pants.  Over his shoulder is a black duffle, protruding from the front is a paperback novel.  I look closer and see his skin, he is covered in patches of hyper and hypo-pigmentation.  I suddenly feel incredibly guilty for having a tinge of fear, perhaps this poor man just has a sun sensitivity, but still why not wear something far less inconspicuous.  I start to look around, is anyone else seeing this man?

He makes his way around the corner of the building and out of my sight when I think perhaps I should say something.   Though I feel guilty for thinking so ill of a complete stranger, why can’t I just feel safe again?   Just as I’m about hand over Baby K to Mr. R a security officer on a bike is slowly riding behind the man in all black.  I appreciated his body language, it wasn’t stressed or as if he was the Disney 5.0.  But instead you could see the same thoughts I had shared, this man is dressing suspiciously, let’s just keep an eye on the situation while allowing him an equally magical time at Disney.

I was overcome with as much of a sense of security as I could be as I spoke a silent prayer that the man in all black have a magical visit at Disney.


Until next time fan boys and girls—>



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5 thoughts on “I Want That Feeling of Safe Again

  1. It would be great if we could get back to a world where a guy dressed in a black hoodie and pants and carrying a backpack on a hot day was just being odd. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world anymore.

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