4 Steps to (Re)Building Your Twitter Brand

Mr. R’s Twitter experiment was an overnight success, and needless to say I may have been a bit miffed.  First was the fact that I was just proven wrong, and second was the absolute frustration that for nearly two years I had struggled and found zero growth or reach with Twitter, and here he was an influencer, had big names like Nintendo, Kotaku and Star Wars responding and retweeting him, and was raking in the cash?!  “It’s not fair,” I might have just literally crossed my arms and jutted out my lower lip.

So we sat down and we pulled up my Twitter, and Mr. R gave me several foods for thought as we looked over my profile and feed.  One, that we will discuss today, was that I was not sticking to my brand.

“What do people see when they look at your feed?  Where is Shopgirl in all this?!”  He kept scrolling through my tweets of OTHER blogs and retweets of everything I found interesting.  “Look how far I have to scroll before I even see a post of yours.”

Followers want to follow you because they enjoy your point of view and voice.  While sharing our friend’s content is great, we need to also consider our own brand.

So I did some research on rebranding and came up with these questions that I asked myself.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Twitter Brand:

  1. What is my scope?
    • You don’t have to fit it in a finite box, instead think of a general hashtag you could use to represent what your audience can expect from you.  (#momlife, #retail, #entertainment, #Health)
    • When figuring this out I decided #retail.  I am a merchant and consumer.  I am a mom shopper, and a woman shopper.  I am a millennial who is over educated and underpaid.   And I love the mall, it might be my all time favorite place.
  2. Would I find my bio captivating?
    • Your bio should be exciting, something that stands out from the rest, but makes people want to follow you.  Don’t forget to toss your #hashtag in there!
    • I don’t know about you, but I’m still struggling with this one, but of course those who do know me know that I’m terrible about over thinking every aspect of everything.  For now I stand at: Shopping My Way Across the Malls throughout the country…where to go next? , , and .  
  3. Does My Picture Feel Personal and Connect to My Brand?
    • Your twitter image is most successful if it is not a brand, or logo, but just a picture of you in your element.
    • This was a tough one for me, a huge struggle.  The point was to be anonymous, so I drug heels on this one.   I wouldn’t believe that a profile picture could make enough of a difference in your follower count.  Just this past month I finally changed it to the amazing pic Mr. R took this past Easter as I walk through an outdoor mall here in Orlando.  The day I changed my pic my follower stats shot through the roof!
  4. What Does My Feed Say About Me and My Brand?
    • As stated before, your feed should be filled with interesting pictures, gifs, and quotes that lie in the realm of your brand.
    • Myself, I’ve started Retweeting Retail based articles, my blog posts, retail blog posts of blogs I love, and updating the exciting experiences I have as I visit malls.

The beautiful thing about the speed of Twitter is how forgiving it can be.  You can change your brand today, on your same account, and the twitter universe will never been the wiser of the feed you led before.

Let’s do this together!

  • What are some things you may consider to help your re-branding.  Obviously I still need help with that awful bio, so any suggestions are welcome.
  • What’s your hashtag?
  • What does your feed say about you?
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45 thoughts on “4 Steps to (Re)Building Your Twitter Brand

  1. My Twitter feed is all over the place right now! I used to participate in education-related chats so it would be solely education stuff. And then I also just feel like the life of a tweet is so short, so I want to utilize my other social media accounts to publicize content.

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    1. I totally hear you Divya, but some tweets to get some serious Longevity if you utilize the correct hashtags. I still have one that received 3 retweets yesterday that I posted in February. It was super encouraging to stick with it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m currently revamping my social media, especially Twitter. It looks like I have some work to do. 😉


  3. My twitter feed is on hiatus at the moment. I haven’t been posting a lot. I don’t believe I see much traffic flowing back my site ever. But I’m open to learning more and certainly appreciate you posting on this subject 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jacqueline! You are on the right track, you must prioritize your social media focus on the platforms that work for YOU. 😉

      I’m a huge fan of your magazine and I’m curious, what platform have you found works best for you?


  4. Its not easy getting followers on twitter I used to follow a bunch of people those who doesn’t follow back then I unfollow them will try your tips as well


  5. I totally agree, I recently listened to the blog millionaire about optimizing your twitter profile. It really is the same on every network that your profile pic should be a pic of you so people can feel a personal connection. Since i kind of combined all my blogs on one twitter acct. I pinned one of my best posts that is relevant to blogging and have revive post sending posts there regularly. I don’t so much agree with only retweeting posts in my niche since i actually have four. sorry that was alot

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think retweeting much of anything to support your fellow bloggers works for you, because (1) you have such a wide range of topics from your three blogs. (2) You blog about blogging. 😉 And what’s more on the topic of blogging then blogs you recommend? So long as they are quality posts, you’re readers know they can depend on you for high quality insight of blogs worth their time.

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      1. I will be honest lately my twitter has been through the roof so I am paying more attention. Indeed you are right and it’s great but makes branding challenging. Creating blogs has become my brand as strange as that sounds I created a brand “heidi blogs” because of all the different niches I am housing.

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  6. I actually never really put much effort in my twitter for my brand/blog. It’s always been just a fun thing for me to have my twitter… but this is making me think otherwise in a good way! Thanks

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  7. Thank you for this. I’m always working to improve my social media accounts. My feed right now probably says I retweet a lot of stuff and I like junk food 😉

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  8. I forget to use hashtags much of the time. I’m okay with my Twitter branding for the present time though I’m always willing to listen to advice. Probably some visitors would be turned off by some of my Tweets, but I do tweets about a wide range of things and I share a lot of stuff from other folks.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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