Weekend Round Up #12

Hello Dearest Readers and a Happy Weekend to You All!

Big news for those of you who don’t already follow me on twitter, I am Florida official!  I went to the DMV Wednesday and they handed me the license on my way out the door.   It’s a great relieving feeling to get it done, and it makes the reality of living here even stronger, and a little less stranger. haha see what I did there?


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 2.05.08 PMIn other news, Shop Girl Anonymous for the first time in history reached 1,000 WordPress followers!  Hello, and welcome new readers.  A special congrats and thanks to PiKOHEAD for being my number 1,000!  Feel free to visit her adorable blog, perhaps she will be as much of a lucky charm to you as she was for me. 😉

Oh the not so peppy news front, the winner of the MOA in residence contest was announced and this Shopgirl was not only not selected, but not even chosen for the second round of candidates.  This was a contest that the Mall of America held to host an in residence writer for a week.   I was excited to have such a great opportunity and this was my submission in response to the vague question, ‘what would I write about?’  Which was a difficult question to answer considering I had never been there, and they were refusing to state what the content would be used for.

 25 years for the iconic Mall of America, a whimsical wonderland for any generation and all demographics. In honor of such a momentous occasion, there needs to be magic; presented much like Dahl marveled the masterful Willy Wonka. As a newcomer, my lifelong curiosity would allow me to capture the nostalgic perspective shared by the original 150,000 onlookers who experienced the magic for the first time on August 11, 1992. My essay would be imaginative, exciting, and following none of the basic rules I’ve practiced before while writing about malls, for this is not a basic opportunity. My essay would capture the mall through a playful light, and I do hope to open up my inbox and discover a silver ticket allowing me the opportunity to wow you further as a finalist.

The winner was a guy who says he was going to write poetry the entire week around the mall on his typewriter.  From this I can only hope that I continue to grow as a social media presence and writer to perhaps even be considered for round two the next time.

The Results Are In!

There wasn’t even a competition; Blockbuster was our Last Action Hero.



I feel like our first Monday Twitter talk was a huge success.  It actually almost doubled the views of my second most viewed blog this week.  Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for our next Twitter Talk!   And feel free to get involved with the first conversation today and tell us:  Why do you Tweet?



Blog Share- I Love My Followers!

A Sprinkle of Joy is super close to 500 followers, if you aren’t following her yet, please check her out and help your fellow blogger over that finish line!

Written In Geek wrote an insightful post on the power of something as simple as saying “hello”.  I felt this played well with my post on retail and the varying interpretations taken from a simple attempt at kindness.

Neurodivergent Rebel did a neat vlog on a fidget toy that is more discreet for adults.  She just happened upon it while search for a fidget spinner on ebay and decided to give it a try.




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