An Inside Look at the New FYE Experience

“Wait, they’re still around?!”

Yes, and you are not alone in your shock and awe.  I know, right now you are being hit with a wave of nostalgia of browsing for your favorite albums, movies, or life-size cardboard cut outs of Homer Simpson, well embrace that feeling.  They are not only still around, but they are doing a pretty large footprint expansion and store reimagining.  Perhaps you recall we discussed a tad bit about a month ago here, but today let’s do a tour of a couple of the new locations that opened in Dallas, TX this past fall.

I was excited for the new logo, the fresh new design, and the fact that FYE was embracing the same path of nostalgic collectibles alongside Game Stop, only minus a Think Geek Acquisition.

When I visited there were things I loved, and then there were some issues that I felt need to be ironed out, perfected if you will as they continue this process of opening more stores.

The Overall Layout


Personally, I was expecting it to feel a bit less claustrophobic than it once did.  The tables, shelves, racks, walls, floors, everything is overwhelmingly covered in merchandise.  My A-D-D mind doesn’t even know where to begin when first entering, and with children this became a real nightmare.

The product though is fun, and I do love that they have broken the store up in easily labeled departments: Speakers, Women’s & Men’s Tees, Turn Tables, Headphones, Vinyls, etc.

The Department Signs


Vinyl spelled out with records and the word headphones floats in a cloud of awesome giant headsets; I love how imaginative and creative they got with their department signs!  It really excites me to shop for the product for sure, and kind of pulls my eyes away from the cluttered displays.

I was saddened though to see that in both locations I visited the signage was already hanging off the walls.  Perhaps they need to be suspended from the ceilings with fishing line or a different adhesive should be considered?

The Product

Well if there is anything to be said for a crowded shop, we have options!  My husband and I visited the FYE here in Orlando and picked up a great new turntable after I was inspired by some of the awesome styles they had available in their new locations.


The vinyl selection is vast and the DVD collections, though not as expansive as they once were, will not disappoint.


They also have more Funko Pop Characters than you could imagine!

The Prices

When I was a kid I didn’t shop at FYE because the prices were so high and I regret to say I didn’t notice much a difference when it came to that.  BUT they do buy DVD’s, CD’s, etc. so they do offer some more competitive prices with their used products.

If you want to check out the FYE new store opening schedule here.  Our friends at Parkway Place Alabama are up for this Spring!

Shopgirl wants to know:

  • What do you think of the new look?
  • Have you been to a new one in person, what was your impression?
  • How do you feel this could effect the future of FYE?



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13 thoughts on “An Inside Look at the New FYE Experience

  1. This looks like a super cool store! I have never heard of it or been to one. I’m from Canada so.. This is definitely not here. That looks like a really awesome place to buy some good stuff! Is this just at local malls? Is this all over u.s.? Thanks for sharing.
    xo, Maria |

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  2. This used to be my kind of store–the kind of place where I could spend a lot of time and maybe a lot of money. Now I don’t buy music and movies as a rule unless it’s something I really want to an extreme. Still, I would be enticed into a store of this nature. I just don’t see any of these kinds of stores anymore near where I live.

    I do like the look of this one. If I were passing by, I’d at least drop in for a look see.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    1. These category of stores are a growing trend, almost to a point I’m growing concerned of their concentration as they are all rapidly expanding trying to out strategize one another, each one offering a token of unique product buried under a sea of the same.


  3. I think I MAY have a FYE by the mall by my house, but it is MUCH smaller. Also, not as much selection as the one in your area. I like the one that you have. It seems to have a wider selection than the one by where I live. I don’t like that the prices are high and the configuration /store setup is kind of busy.

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  4. Ok so that is a ton Funko Pop Characters. I kind of agree with you with the clutter issue. Unless I am exploring a thrift/antique/junk store, then I don’t want to feel like at any moment and avalanche of stuff will take me! Plus when there is too much it often detracts from sales in my opinion.
    Glad though they have a ton of Records…I love this rebirth of vinyl music

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