Twitter Talk: Why Do You Use Twitter?

Shopgirl’s Twitter for Duhmey’s: Week One

It started one cold January night as a simple wager with Mr. R.  So perhaps it was more an effort to passive aggressively prove that one was right and the other was wrong, but I suppose the end result makes the original motives insignificant.  I was struggling as I really wanted to build my brand but I was having trouble finding my voice in it all.  Where my retail peeps at?!

“You should use your Twitter more,” he said snidely, as if it were that simple.  As if the two years I had put into pushing my twitter page, consistently having my posts auto update with exceptional 140 character summaries had brought me absolutely zero views.  The hades that is Tumblr had at least brought me 5 or 10 views a month, while twitter brought me (and excuse my language) diddly squat.

“Well I used to update it, then I realized it was pointless so I just use it for sharing.  Like I said, there’s no way to get your tweets out there, like how am I supposed to know what hashtags to use?!”  It wasn’t until just recently that I, yes, Gary, as a millennial, even understood what hashtags were.

Solely to prove his point Mr. R set up a twitter account for himself. Within a week he was receiving offers that would pay 70 dollars a Tweet.  Between his You Tube Channel and Twitter that month we made over a thousand bucks, and I was renewed in my Twitter inspiration.

Why Bloggers Hate Twitter

When using Twitter we can sometimes be seeking out the wrong results.  Some become caught up in measuring the success of twitter by how many readers they can bring to their home page.  Instead, we need to see it as an extension to our blog.   The person who spends time on Twitter is there most likely because they don’t have the time, or the present attention span to read a 2,000 word synopsis on How to be a Success in Life. And why would they when your fellow blogger is already offering the same info at an effortless 140 word or less?

So if Twitter doesn’t bring me traffic, then why waste my time on it?   I’m glad you asked!

6 Reasons To Use Twitter

  • It builds our brand and credibility
    • with an entire new realm of reader, as well as gives us some room to have fun along the way.
  • It keeps you up to date
    • on everything going on in the world.  I can honestly say it wasn’t until I was on Twitter that I ever felt so connected with the entire world around me.
  • It connects us to our reader in a neutral social media playground.
    • There’s no your territory or theirs, instead its the neutral twitter universe and everyone is welcome to be themselves and play along.
  • It’s super fun
    • once you get your community going Twitter can become a bit addicting!  (I almost dropped my WP altogether in my second month of successful Twitter usage)

  • It brings blogging inspiration.  
    • It was a Twitter Convo with a Starbucks Barista that inspired my incredibly popular Unicorn Frappuccino post.
  • It propels our network.
    • You can connect with literally anyone.  I can reach out to malls, Mr. R can complain to Delta, and anyone can play along with the Wendy’s twitter shenanigans.

Over the next several weeks I will be hosting this Twitter Chat Via WordPress.  I will open to discussion various tools, how best to utilize them, how to gain followers, and how to expand your reach over the course of the next several weeks.

Shopgirl wants to know?

  • How do you measure your blogs success?
  • How do you measure your Twitter Success?
  • I use Twitter to build a personal connection with my readers.  Why do you use Twitter?
  • Where are your greatest Twitter frustrations and struggles?

Join the Conversation on Twitter:

Want More Twitter Chats?

Twitter Talk 2: (Re)building your Twitter Brand

Until next time fan boys and girls—>



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34 thoughts on “Twitter Talk: Why Do You Use Twitter?

  1. I have been tweeting since the early days of Twitter @rolandmillward and have connected with some super people. I find out lots of information and it’s a great place to ask questions. Hashtags are key to meeting new people and engaging in conversations. Twitter analytics is a useful tool to measure how many people are actually seeing your tweets and which type work best for you.

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  2. I used to love Twitter for the humor outlet – I liked tweeting short nonsensical comments that made me laugh even if no one else. That’s what I intended when I set up a twitter account with my blog. Unfortunately, the election happened and I went very political with it (#resist #notmypresident #impeach) as did nearly every account I follow. It’s hard to post 140 character humor quips with so much bad news happening. I hope some day all the politics will resolve into a status quo I can live with and I can return to the silly kind of thing I used to have fun tweeting. In the meantime, I have more engagement with others on Twitter than I do with my blog and I keep picking up Twitter followers so maybe someday it will pay off. I’m a hobby blogger too, and though I would love to make it my full time life’s work, that’s just not realistic right now. Not when most days I’m pretty sure the only visitor to my blog is me. I measure my success by just getting something posted at all!

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  3. Thanks for telling me about your Twitter series! I love twitter & have been talking it up since I joined just a few months ago. I think it’s great for bloggers, for building your brand, and also for education/career development! I want to be a physical therapist one day and there is a physical therapy community on twitter that is very engaging. They are constantly sharing research they’re either working on or reading about, and its been a great way to learn more about the profession I’ll be going into soon. I recommend it for everyone because there’s all kinds of communities on there for other careers too :))

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      1. Oh jeeze sorry for the long delay! I think I just found them by randomly following physical therapists on twitter lol & then who they followed, and what they shared helped me learn more :))

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  4. I never really considered using twitter, I had an account a long time ago when twitter started, will definitely keep in consideration of the value it adds to bloggers. Social media is everywhere and we should all take advantage of it to benefit our blogs!

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  5. I’ve fallen off the wagon with Twitter. I haven’t done a lot in the past couple of months, but you’ve inspired me to start using it a bit more. I did love connecting with others on it because it was quick and more personal.

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  6. How did you know I had just been thinking about how pointless Twitter usually is. It by far pulls in the least views to my blog, and with posts falling down into obscurity so fast, I often get unmotivated on this platform. Thanks for inspiring me to keep at it. 🙂

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    1. It is difficult to keep motivated, particularly when your follower base can be equally as distant and discouraged from promoting as you are. It’s a group effort for sure! Maybe we can think of some strategies to reinvigorate the excitement of our followers!


  7. I’m in my early 30’s, so I was in college when Facebook started up. And I’ve been on Instagram for years. But, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I never really understood (or cared about) Twitter until I started blogging. I need to brush up on that social media platform, for sure!

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    1. You are singing to the choir for sure!!! I remember Facebook back when I wasn’t allowed to join because I wasn’t a part of a major University. 😉 I’m excited to hear the different thoughts and ideas in these weekly twitter talks!


    1. Hashtag usage is a fascinating science of balance, timing, and observation. We will get more into a hashtag discussion in a couple of weeks, it’s perhaps the post I’m most looking forward!!!


  8. I have never liked twitter either, to me it always felt like talking to yourself. I have been trying to be there more lately as my most recent blog does well with Twitter. Being spread thin at times makes it hard to spend any length of time on any network and I admit Facebook is my jam as far as personal time.

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      1. It used to be groups as far as traffic went but to be honest Facebook is not my top referrer anymore for any of them. It is different for each blog. The women’s lifestyle it’s pinterest. For my health blog its Google Plus. My money blog is really a combination of google plus, twitter and I have gotten organic reach with that one. Not to say Facebook isn’t in the top three but it Isn’t #1 anymore. I have been saying for some time that Facebook Groups are in a downward spiral. There is a lack of accountability there.

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      2. Yes, and the way some bloggers work the system through twitter dumping and sharing to fake fb accounts can be unnerving. It takes just as much effort to give a genuine share, why not? And Mr. R likes to Point out that so long as the shares are not done correctly, it’s just an endless cycle with no actual growth more times than not. But I still enjoy groups with a real community, like being a part of a bloggy family 💚

        Google + is quite a challenge, way to go there. I have yet to figure out how to get a solid following myself.


  9. I LOVE Twitter! Having conversations with scholarship searching parents and their students (my niche) is FUN and informative. I truly think many people don’t understand what a fantastic resource Twitter can be.

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  10. I enjoy Twitter but at the same time it’s mostly bloggers and brands in my experience. Most of my friend group abandoned Twitter years ago! I mostly see it as a way to connect and interact casually with other bloggers 🙂 I don’t necessarily see a lot of click through from Twitter, so I don’t find it really “helps” in that way. Also, the high number of trolls is annoying and irritating!

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  11. My relationship with twitter is like your first go round. I have over 6k followers and get 4 clicks a week. For a long time I tried to be relevant and interesting. Now I just push things to share and don’t talk or joke much. I guess you think I should try harder? That sounds tiring. Mr. R gets paid to tweet? That sounds worth it.

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    1. It’s hard sometimes. As bloggers we have so much to keep up with that Twitter’s insanely slow build of interactive followers makes it sometimes feel like it’s not really worth it really. You know? But when your audience is found it can be quite rewarding. 😀


  12. I use Twitter regularly, mostly to promote my blog or share links to blogs of others, but I don’t know how much it helps me. It’s easy and it can be fun so it really doesn’t take much of my time or effort.

    I don’t know how to measure my Twitter success. My blog I gauge by comments received combined with views. But I also take my SEO into consideration. Generally speaking though, I don’t keep up much with how my blog is doing. As long as I’m getting comments then I feel that someone is out there reading.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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