Weekly Round Up #11

Hello Dearest Readers and a Happy Weekend to You All!

What an enjoyable week it has been, a couple of successful posts, a couple of duds, but you know you can’t really win them all.  I hope you all are as excited as I am to start a Twitter workshop series, here every Monday.  The idea of this series is to help you make the most out of twitter, but I also want to hear from you, I want to go through this twitter growth journey together.  What is working, what isn’t?  What worked for a mom blog that may not so much work for my own?  What didn’t?  I’m not the twitter know-all expert, I’m just another blogger who figured out a few tricks that I think you may find handy.



Happy Mother’s Day One And All!


How To Support the Blogs You Love For Free



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This just might be the coolest store @shopsouthplainsmall …just saying only the coolest people have worked here. While I was in college and a creative writing major I made a point of treating myself every Tuesday to a visit to the mall for a latte shake from Marble Slab and then a wander through this store to gain inspiration for my next new writing concept. It was a cure to wanderlust on a college student budget. This store has proved a lifeline for me even before adulthood; a place of magical fantasy and escape it was my Disneyworld. If you have not visited yet, although many locations have lost much of that exotic feel, the product is still quite unique. www.shopgirlanonymous.com

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Blog Share- I Love My Followers!

This week I thought I would shake things up and do a blog share retail edition!

Feel free, join in the shopgirl conversation,  I am great “reciprocater”. 😉

Tossing It Out- Hourly Wage

Although Arlee didn’t work retail necessarily, we can all relate to the transfer from hourly pay to salary.  Which do you prefer?

Observations in Retail- The Longest Check Out

I think one of the hardest part of working retail is not being seen as a person, but instead as a piece of the furniture.   “I’m just looking” is not the appropriate answer to “How are you today”.  This is a quick easy read comic humorously addressing just that issue.

Outside Perception- Customer and the Door of Doom

Sometimes their is drama in the retail workplace, sometimes there is just simple customer service.

A Texan’s View of Upstate New York- Thanksgiving & Black Friday “Fun”

You can’t have a retail collection without a look at a retail employee’s life during Black Friday.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up #11

  1. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are 2 days I don’t look forward to each year because of that… When we move next summer I’ll hopefully find a job that isn’t open on those days, or require everyone to work them at least.

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