When Kate and Coach Merge Things May Become a Bit Prickly



If windows could talk…or perhaps they are.  What are these windows saying to you?




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For More Information on the Kate Spade Buy Out Click Here.

4 thoughts on “When Kate and Coach Merge Things May Become a Bit Prickly

  1. I’m not terribly worried. I have far more Kate Spade than I should but I am interested to see where it goes now! Every brand has it’s ups and downs, and what one person might hate another will love. Only time will tell!

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    1. I actually think it’s a fantastic pairing, Coach could use a little more personality in their collection. 😉

      I just found it humorous that they mimicked one another’s window displays this season. How embarrassing; showing up in the same fashion to the party. 😉

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  2. My wife loves Coach purses. She hasn’t been to a Coach outlet store for a while now, but last time she went she bought about four purses. They seemed expensive to me at the outlet store, but the prices in the Coach mall stores are absurd.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    1. My entire family are coach fanatics, but I’ve never seen the appeal. I went to Coach Factory with my grandmother where she told me to pick whatever. Not wanting to make her pay too much I went to the sale rack. A purse that was on sale was originally $299 and, no joke, was on clearance for, are you ready for this, $295?! Hahah! Huge red banners over not even a fraction of the price.


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