Get Yer Texas on at South Plains Mall

20170504_120417South Plains Mall was built in 1972 in Lubbock, TX.  Its Labyrinth footprint spans 1,107,000 square feet, making it the the only regional mall in a two hour radius.  With 7 anchors and 7 massive corridors this mall is a sight to be seen.  For more on this mall, please visit our instagram @shopgirlanonymous

Red Raider Outfitter

I will start with the obvious and most important stop one must make to receive the full Texas experience.  You cannot safely walk the streets of Texas without purchasing appropriate gear, Texans take their sports seriously, and to blend in you must show you do too.  After all Tech is only the the most superior college the nation has ever seen, and you can know that to be true because you read it on a blog.   That’s right I said it.  Get Yer Guns Up and shout it proud, “Wreck ’em Tech”.


Cutting Edge Gifts

And of course you must arm yourself, as to protect yourself.  You never know when you may run into a railroad bandit or desperado along your trails.  In all serious though, this shop has been in the South Plains Mall for as long as I can remember and actually offers a variety of unique product beyond the realm of weaponry.


Hippie Chick

It’s okay to be Texan and still show a bit of your free spirit, and Hippie Chick carries just the perfect balance of country/hippie for you.  Every time I’ve turned around this shop has found a new location, though I have to say this old Chelsea Street (OMG who remembers those?!) location seems to fit them just nice.


Dorothy Genes

You can’t get much more Texan than an amazing name like that.   This Mommy and Me boutique dominates the realm of colorful and West Texas inspired attire.


Get Gussied UP

And the winner of the most Texan shops…

wait a minute, this was a contest?

It is now because I said so.

Anyway…before I was so rudely interrupted, the winner of the most Texan shop of the South Plains Mall is Get Gussied Up.  From patchwork Texas tees, to boots, to turquoise bling, this is your one stop shop to get all gussied up!



All the stores listed here are independently owned, and a vital part to the unique flavor of the South Plains Mall.  By supporting their efforts means supporting a small business and aiding the economy of this marvelous city and its students.

Happy Trails Partners, Until Next Time—>



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13 thoughts on “Get Yer Texas on at South Plains Mall

      1. Yeah, gotta get those little ones decked out in scarlet and black. I’ve always liked their stuff best. They always have more snark to them.
        Idk if there’s such a thing as having too many Tech shirts, but if there is, I may be it lol. I still have some from when I was up there ages ago.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I never owned one when I was there. I never had the cash. 😉 and then when I did I was working full time and just ready to graduate. They moved locations and it’s so big and covered with product I was overwhelmed by the selection. But it was nice to see those double Ts. Difficult to find outside of West Texas;)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah I hear ya. I wouldn’t have had any if I didn’t have a mom who’s an alum and loves her some Double Ts lol. But oh yes, the struggle is real. I mean, I live in a prime recruiting area for Tech, and it’s hard to find merch around here (Thank god for Rally House). It’s always Texas, A&M, TCU, and *shudder* Baylor 🙄

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha I lied to you, as soon as I sent send I realized I did receive a free tee shirt for being a volunteer to move in early to help other students move in. So I was one of the first ever students to move into Murray Hall, and I got a shirt for that too. Lol I still have them both:)

        Liked by 1 person

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