How To Support The Blogs You Love For Free!

Why Should I Share Blogs If I Do Not Blog?

Because, simply, we blog for you.   If you enjoy a blog, please share it.  Our pay comes from your views, wether that be pay in cash or just through satisfaction of exposure.  If you share it, the blog will grow, and the greater growth the more likely your favorite blog will still be around years from today.  Consider it like a tip you would leave a great waitress, or an extra item onto a sale of a great sales person…except completely, totally, and utterly free.

Why Should I Share Blogs If I am a Blogger?

Blogging without a community is like breathing without air, and to achieve a community you have to make an impact on the blogs you love.   Sharing blogs effectively communicates your love and appreciation for a blog, which then slowly gains you a dedicated following.

Share Buttons

The easiest way to share a post is utilizing the share buttons located, typically, at the bottom of a blog entry.   Though simply hitting share will not offer much mileage without some considerations.  So based on the button you push, what could you do for the most effective impact?

First off, check to see if your favorite blogger has an account to follow in a social media tool you enjoy using.  Follow them there.   And then consider how you can best assist them from there:

Facebook: It’s About Being Social

Facebook is all about maintaining the human connection with your friends from all stages of life.   That being said, the best way to utilize it is to keep it a place for friendly conversation.  Facebook is a fickle beast, and consistency is key.  If you want your shares to be seen, you must show regular interesting updates that encourage your followers to comment and react.

  • Once you are regularly showing up in others’ feeds then you can proceed to build conversations with a simple comment on a Facebook Page.  Your comments will be shared automatically without any further effort from you.
  • Make sure your comment invokes conversation, what will people become excited about? Ask a question for expert advice to keep the conversation rolling.

Twitter: It’s About Being Universal

I could write a novel on the forgotten powerhouse that is Twitter, but I will keep it simple for this post today.   I will expand more on Twitter next week.

You don’t need a twitter following to have a strong Twitter voice:

  • One retweet is stronger than a series of useless tweets addressed to nowhere.  The more RT and Likes on one Tweet the more exposure/impressions.
  • Address the share to its audience.   #Hashtags are like the postage stamp of the Twitter world.  Without a hashtag that tweet will not reach its intended audience.
    • Hashtags for A Burst of Energy: Trending Tags like #FridayFeeling #SundayFunday
    • Hashtags for Longevity:  These are simple categorial statements such as #Retail, #Parenting, #Food

Flipboard: It’s about “Wow”

This is probably the newest discovery amongst bloggers, and for that the most unknown.  There are still aspects of the lack of control I have over my magazines that drive me batty, but in the end Flipboard, if used correctly, could overpower Pinterest, FB, and Twitter combined with a third of the effort if it’s the right article.  The right article being something topical or catchy like “Click Bait”.  As an experiment I flipped my post “Victoria Secret: Dropping Their Panties”, and received over 400 views from the Flipboard universe in two days time.

When it comes to helping build your communities’ Flipboards, keep in mind:

  • the more clicks, reflips, and likes on a Flipboard post the more exposure and opportunity a post seems to receive.   So when you think to flip, instead reflip if at all possible.
  • Also instead of heading directly to the post using the blog URL, try from time to time visiting all your community blog from their Flipboard magazines.

Linked-In:  It’s About Image

Look at your Linked-In Feed, Friends List, Profile like a Resume.   Your connections, your shares, and your endorsements speak louder for your character and professional strength.  Be picky about who you add, and what you share.   A strong professional voice will go farther than someone who just posts whatever onto their feed because they don’t really understand the concept.

  • Share what is appropriate to your profession, or specialty.
  • Take a few minutes a day to endorse your connections
  • For those you have had the pleasure of working alongside, leave testimonies to their greatness to give them more validation to potential talent scouts.

Pinterest: It’s About Usefulness

People go to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas.   They want each pin to inspire them to get up and do, despite the fact they are just going to spend the next two hours simply pinning more.

  • Pin Posts that Are Useful
  • Repin before you pin straight from the source (like Flipboard, More Pins=More Mileage)
  • Custom edit the commentary below the image to describe what will be useful to potential pinners in this post.
  • Keep your pins organized and effective to your brand.

😉 Feel free to participate in Shopgirl’s complimentary practice exercise by clicking on the infograph pictured here:

Pin This To Remember For Later


You do not have to be a master of all social media.  Focus on the ones that will build your personal brand the most.  When sharing consider what platform is more suitable for your peer’s work; is it a how to, a success builder, or a Wow post?



All content of this site is property of the author.  Please do not copy or redistribute without permission.  You are free to share on social media as long as you credit the author.

36 thoughts on “How To Support The Blogs You Love For Free!

  1. I have always said that blogging should be about bloggers supporting each other and spreading the Blog Love. Lately, though, I feel like everyone is just out for themselves and only worried about their personal blogs. We need to be a community and help to genuinely promote one another!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just earlier today I was looking back at an old post that was full of comments from a community for bloggy peeps I had some seriously amazing friendships with. Left the scene for a year and when I cam back they were all gone, and it does feel so incredibly more of an “in it to win it” game.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve been so down on blogging lately because it just seems like it’s changed. That community spirit isn’t there. I remember how freely I’d use the term “spread the Blog Love”, but now I never use it. What happened?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is one of the best posts ever!! Because before I was blogging, I didn’t get this at all! (even now, there are days…ha ha), but you’ve explained it perfectly! And I Love the analogy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reblogged this on Second Wind Leisure Perspectives and commented:
    Welcome to my Tuesday “reblog” feature where I find posts relevant to my own life and may be of interest to others.

    One of my blogger pals created this extremely helpful post! When I first started blogging, I asked myself why should I share others’ posts when no one was sharing mine. This is a terrible mindset from which I luckily moved on. A couple of bloggers randomly shared some of my posts. I returned the favor.

    Now I AUTOMATICALLY share most posts with Twitter, Stumble-Upon, Facebook, and now Flipboard!

    Be sure to scroll down for her helpful infographic social media round-up!

    When you can, follow your fellow bloggers on Flipboard! Here’s mine!

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    1. That’s what drove me crazy about it. That, and I don’t like the way it forces you to choose a category that you want to see, and there’s no way to say “I want to see LESS of this.”

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