May The Fourth Be With You:: Retail Edition

As most of you know my husband, feel free to follow Mr. R on Twitter @RealTwo Banditos, is a huge Star Wars fanatic.  Okay, okay so maybe I haven’t gone into detail on the severity of his condition with you, like the 14 competition quality light sabers that we keep in our closet, or perhaps I haven’t shared that our entire den & office is covered Star Wars decor and memorabilia.   Our night time conversations consist on the unique and great differences between Rogue One and the rest of the Star Wars movies, and his dreams to attend a Milan based light saber competition soon.   And as many of my readers also know…as hard as I try, I’m not very skilled at keeping up with it all!

So when Star Wars Celebration rolled into Orlando this year what kind of wife would I be to say no?  I have never been to a convention, more I didn’t ever really live in a town that had them and could never afford to visit them.  That and I just didn’t get the hype of dressing up as imaginary characters, something was lost to me.  By the time we knew our move and travel schedule the only day available to attend was the last day, Easter Sunday.


I must admit, even not knowing half the characters, and still not seeing any Star Wars other than the originals 4-6 I had a blast.   The costume quality was ridiculous, and the fans themselves were super fun to watch.   I passed by a booth of nostalgic action figures, in front of it stood a man, a tough type.  His beard was long and rugged, his arms covered in tattoos.  he had on a bandana over his head, and a bikers vest over his sleeveless camo shirt.  This man, who was the real deal biker. His face was so soft, so sweet, so happy just gazing in bliss at the action figure that was lay lost in his palm.   The power of nostalgia and retail, these are the moments I miss about being a full time shop girl.

The span of the Show Store line on Sunday Afternoon (apparently was worse on Fri/Sat)

I couldn’t believe the demand of products, “We’re Sold Out,” was hollered over the crowds as you passed various booths.  The demand for some product was so great there were organized marquee lines of customers.  The Show Store hid its rooms of product behind a giant black curtain, and the line was a two to three hour wait only to find when you walked through the one item you were hoping for completely out of stock.  One of the retailers sat next to us while we ate our lunch explaining that they had returned to their shop each night having completely sold out of product each and every day.  And who said retail was dead?

As a retail nerd, I was most excited to see the different brick and mortars that had set up shop at Star Wars Celebration.  The lighting was awful so many of my pictures were not to the quality I’m used to in well lit malls.  There of course was Think Geek, Lego, FYE, Disney & Toys R Us.

What surprised me was to find Barnes & Nobles, Hallmark and Goodwill there!

The item in most demand seemed to be those Pop Vinyl Collectibles.   They just seem like another thing of clutter for me, or some hot trend that we are paying a fortune for today to just sit on tomorrow like my collection of Pogs and Beanie Babies.  Obviously it isn’t my thing, but if it makes you happy, GO FOR IT!


And props to The Prop Shop for this touching memorial to Carrie Fisher.


I must admit I had a blast.  So much so, Mr. R and I already plotting Star Wars Celebration 2019, and in the meantime a few comic cons here in Florida.  I’m sure I’m ruined for the rest after attending such a grand event!

Until next time fan boys and girls—->



7 RetailersClosing Shop-3
An Overview on the Retail of Star Wars Celebration 2017

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8 thoughts on “May The Fourth Be With You:: Retail Edition

  1. Cosplay has turned into a huge business at cons….I used to attend a local comic convention but once the prices start shooting through the roof,I just couldn’t afford to go. But it does sound like you had a great time….

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    1. Ya my husband did not disclose the cost, but I can imagine it was quite a pretty penny to get in.

      In Alabama we had “Geek Con” at the Library. It as free, it was fun, even if it was small. 🙂


  2. Not to take away from this post. But May 4th was my birthday! I just found out this day is officially Stars Wars Day! I haven’t seen all the films but I did see the first two (insert dating myself here____) and loved them. 🙂

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