6 Essential Questions To Your Direct Sales Success

Becoming a Direct Sales Rep is a great venture to sign on for in order to make some side hustle cash, and possibly achieve a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.  With the economy booming, and customers preferring to shop local or online, there is no better time to offer the convenience of your shopping experience through Facebook or right in their living rooms.

To be successful you want to start strong, and that means picking the sales company that is the perfect fit for you.

1. Who do you want to work for?

If you are at the point of considering a jump into direct sales, then perhaps you already have a rep talking to you from some company in particular.  That is great, keep an open mind to what they have to say, but don’t make any commitments just yet.

2.  What are 3 of your personal favorite things to shop for?

Go ahead grab a sheet a paper and write them out.  It’s okay, I’ll wait.  Do you love cosmetics, candles, home decor, your kids, etc.?  What makes you excited to shop?  Find 3-5 companies that sell these items.

3. What is the initial investment Cost?  Is it one time?

You would be surprised how high the start up costs can go with some Direct Sales Companies.  I can’t tell you not to take the leap if the investment is greater than 100 dollars, but I will say never put anything into it that you wouldn’t spend on a weekend outing with the family. Something easily disposable.  If you want to invest more down the road, that’s great, but for now you just want to get your feet wet, spread your wings, and figure out what it is you really want.

Next look and see if there are any hidden cost.   Many times you have to pay monthly to keep an activated website.  Or there may be some penalty for not meeting monthly quotas.  Perhaps you have to maintain a large amount of inventory that makes it difficult for you to see profit from your investment for a long period of time.  Rule out all the possibilities.

4.  What does your network look like?  

Are you involved in your community, with your friends, or have you somehow fallen off the face of the Earth?  Find out if you have three individuals willing to commit to throwing a party (virtual or in-person) for you.  Do these three people have separate unique guests to invite from one another.  A strong network is the backbone to any new business venture.

If your network is weak, it may be time to get out and do more, and revisit the idea in a month or two.  Join a Bunco group, get more involved in church activities, or your community programs.

Pro Tip: Do not decide that the time to rekindle 5 year silent friendships is with a push to support your great new exciting opportunity to sell them something on Facebook.

5. Who’s Going to Rep You?

Now it is time to make that magic connection with a team leader.   Join a couple of Facebook Groups for a company or two you’ve chosen to get serious about.  Get a feel for the community, find someone who is knowledgeable and fairly successful to take you on.  Find the person with the best game plans for support to get you started successfully.  Perhaps they can refer you a customer, or offer a fantastic series of training courses to succeed along with their mentorship.

Pro Tip: Remember, the higher the individual’s rank the less time they may have to help you, but you still want that balance of someone with a decent amount of experience.

6. Who Do you Want To Work For?

We bring it back to the first question.  Now that the research is complete what is your best option?  Where do you feel most comfortable?  What company offers the clearest path to success when compared side by side?



The Reps This Shopgirl Trusts

These women are all successful and standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Jamie is also a wife and mom of two precious boys.  Her success with Scentsy over the past two years have been so great that she has dabbled in various other companies to expand her client base.   In the two and a half years I have known Jamie, I have never seen her with out a smile on her face and excitement in each and every word she speaks.
Carly is a natural born leader and goal achiever.   She stops at nothing to make sure that all of her consultants and customers are cared for without any long stages of hesitations.  She is a supportive friend, and has found her success in Mary Kay for 9 years

Niki-Usborne Books

Niki is a fellow blogger I have followed for nearly two years now.  She grew up in Texas and has landed herself in NY.   She is married, working her day job at K-Mart and new to building her Usborne Books empire.

Laura is one of the strongest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know.   She is incredibly friendly, supportive, and always open to a new adventure.  She requests:  “Anyone who would like to be an affiliate simply needs to visit my website, click “affiliate signup”.  There is also a $5.00 new affiliate item to click on to pay the signup fee.”
Rachel is a wife and mom of two adorable boys.  I watch in amazement on FB as she actively spends her days juggling two toddlers and remaining incredibly active and successful in her It Works community.

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