A to Z Challenge Run Down

The Theme

This was my first year blogging that I remembered to participate in the A to Z Challenge.  Just a couple of weeks ago I posted an IG photo of the beautiful Sears court of Baybrook Mall.  The photo was accompanied by a commentary on the decay of brick and mortar retail, with a quite dystopian point of view.  The comment from my dedicated follower Parkway Place Mall was this:

It’s a beautiful opportunity! Time for a change and new beginnings❤️

This simple reminder jolted me out of my retail tailspin and made me realize that I too had fallen for the negativity of retail and was not paying attention to all the growth, opportunity, and the fresh beginnings that could only come from death.

So to make my amends for a fall and winter full of retail chaos I dedicated this month to reminding my readers that retail was not dead, but merely changing, and that change was good.   Being an individual who struggles with change I knew focusing on fun with retail would encourage a welcoming mentality to the transitions to come.

The Experience

Going into the A to Z Challenge, I made it clear I did not intend to dedicate myself to it, but merely lean on it when the inspiration well had run dry or when I found the time.   Then before I knew it, April 30th came and went and I had completed 26 alphabetical articles on retail that were far more inspired than anything I had written before.   The change in mentality made it so that I no longer could go off of headlines, but instead dig deeper for the positive notes in all the screams of “the sky is falling”.

Now Monday, May first, the date of my youngest daughters birthday, the crutch to my inspiration is gone.  I was not prepared for this, I am not ready to let go of the training wheels.  But that is how life works I guess, and just like my retail inspirations, I must roll with the punches and be ready to adjust to the changes that are out of my control.

Top 5 A to Z Posts Based on Views

Victoria’s Secret: Dropping Their Panties

Welcome dirty minds of Flipboard. 😉

Chanel Knows Spring

Who doesn’t love a post of photos and sarcasm?

JC Penney’s: 3 Indicators They Aren’t Ready to Shut Off The Lights Just Yet

Sometimes we just need a dose of hope.

Eddie Bauer: Keeping The Faith

This one was strangely personal to me, perhaps…yes even after the Walmart and Zara post was perhaps the most personal to me, even though I have never shopped a day in Eddie Bauer myself.  😉

H&M-Cleaning Up Their Act With Poop

Hours of research went into this article, as well as the design on the infographic.

AtoZ Posts From Other Bloggers That I loved:

  • Planet Pailly- Sciency Words: Acetic Acid
    • A fun look into science!!!
  • My Random Musings- April in Motivational Quotes
    • I don’t know about you, but A’s quote really moved me!
  • What Sandra Thinks- A-Autocorrect
    • Oh my goodness, a hilarious rant I feel we could all relate to!
  • D is For Disney–  True North Bricks
    • Because who doesn’t love everything Legos?!!!  (Also check out their IG)
  • Best Movie Starting with B is Blade– Outside Perception
    • Totally loving the blasts from the past I’m hit with on this A-Z list of amazing movies!
  • Calvin-ism– The Plagued Parent
    • A humorous yet true reflection on Calvin from the comic strip and the lessons we can take from him.
  • Delightfully Amiss- Mushy Men
    • And then take a walk on the stranger side…
  • A Momma’s View- Kiwi-Did You Know
    • Did you know my youngest daughter’s nick name is Kiwi?  How could I resist sharing this?
  • Lidia Varesco Design- J is for Juxtaposition
  • Madness of a Modern Writer- Quetzal- Character Astrology Profiles 
    • An out of this world idea for character development. 😉
  • Coach Daddy- S is for Six Words
    • It’s rare one challenge leads you to another fun quirky challenge to join in!  Particularly one that doesn’t take more of a commitment than six words only once a month. 😉
  • Twin Peaks Theme– An Internet Nobody
  • Streets– Image & Word
  • Vegas– Capt Jills Journeys

To keep up with the fun and polls please follow me on Twitter, we have some fun there. 🙂



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8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Run Down

  1. Is there an A-Z happening in June that I could catch up on? I’m also looking to start round-up posts, ha!

    Hi, I’m Lorna and I’ve spent my coffee-time this morn reading your blog and adding some posts to Fiipboard.



    1. Wow awesome thanks!

      A to Z is held every year in April, I am almost always forget, but this year I made it successfully through the entire month! It’s a huge network of bloggers, you can meet and get to know so many people you would have never met otherwise, and it also pulls you out of your inspiration box! 😀


  2. Congratulations on finishing the Challenge of 2017. I missed your posts but they sound interesting enough for me to go back to peruse. I like your subject matter here since I used to visit a lot of malls. These days I’m not so passionate about malls, but then I don’t travel the country to the extent that I used to when I had time to spend wandering the malls of America and Canada.
    Thanks for participating and for offering your reflective thoughts on the A to Z Challenge.
    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    Liked by 1 person

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