Zara- My Dark Little Secrets

I have a confession, a strange and crazy confession, one that will absolutely blow your mind and shake your entire world.   Perhaps I’m over hyping it, perhaps you won’t think it’s a big deal, but considering the perspective that I’m a retail blogger in a Zara obsessed world perhaps you will agree, this is quite a bombshell.  Okay Okay, here it is, I have never been into a Zara store.

Do you ever feel some stores do not cater to you?  I mean like if you walked into them you would instantly be judged because of the clothes you wear, or the size of your bank account?   It’s almost like this looming intimidation.   Yes, I learned recently that Zara is a part of the growing fast fashion trend, but when I was in high school the only Zara I had ever seen was lined up at the old hall of Houston Galleria alongside Dolce & Gabana, Armani, and Versace; instead of the more appropriate hall alongside Urban Outfitters, and H&M.

The store itself displays were simple, missing the normal tacky Fast Fashion signs revealing pants for 29.99.  The store itself was not crowded with teeny-boppers or incredibly young millennials of that day, I suppose because the hype had yet to catch on.

Very recently the excitement of Zara has emerged here in the US and I have still never entered one.  Yes now I know it’s fast fashion, yes, now I understand it has amazing styles at amazing deals, but I love a sense of wonder.

When I was a big wig important shopgirl I visited several malls across the country every month.   I spent most of my hours setting up shop, training employees, and being boss.  When I had a break I circled the malls, occasionally spotting something much like the holy grail, a store I had never ventured into.  What an exciting and renewed sensation that would tingle down my spine and through my fingertips, a reminder that all I had to see in life was not yet seen.  It gave me a sense of wonder; what could be in that shop?  What could that experience be like?  I may never purchase a thing…it’s 100% about the atmosphere.

Another confession my dear readers, I suffer from severe depression, the kind that keeps you up most nights either reeling with anxiety over mortality and then the rest of the nights contemplating suicide.  My new hair is a symbol of my struggle, and more importantly my survival.  It’s a memorial to those who suffered alongside me but gave in somewhere along the way .  I have held onto new adventures for the days when my struggle with depression would rear its ugliest of heads, or life began to lose its zeal.  On those days, the dark ones, the hard ones, I would promise myself a new experience in order to prove to myself I have more adventures left here.

Why the mall?  Well when you are low on funds, and not feeling much motivation to go very far, the mall is free admission AND full of a variety experiences.  It’s my entire purpose here on this blog, this is what it is all about, sharing with you the magic of the mall experience.  Retail Therapy through window shopping is so much cheaper than actual therapy.

Zara is a place I have been holding close for ages, though with its drab displays, I must confess it’s never been far up on my list.  But now with the hype I’ve been debating an actual vlog documenting my first impressions of a Zara, if anyone would be interested that is…

What do you do to shake things up when you feel blue?

This is the Conclusion of my #AtoZChallenge2017


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25 thoughts on “Zara- My Dark Little Secrets

  1. My grandmother worked for Bon Marche/Macys for 30 years. She was proud of the work she did and what the company offered. I’ve noticed less dependable quality of items over the past 20 years. I think retailers tried to get too big, forgot who they were and went too many directions, then had to cut corners and quality. So disappointing!

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  2. I don’t shop at Zara because it usually doesn’t carry my size. But the shoes are amazing and their twice a year sales are the best. Maybe it is a regional thing but their windows are unbelievable here in New York, so chic! The quality of the clothes are very good and actually, before the trend, most stores copy Zara. It is the largest fashion retailer in the world, last I checked. I just wished that tops accommodated my big boobs.

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  3. I agree with you about some shops not catering to certain age groups or feeling uncomfortable when walking in. I often walk back out of a shop if I get that certain ‘vibe’. Sorry to hear of your issues, you are doing a great job with your blog and I enjoy your posts. For the record I have been to Zara but it’s not a favourite, I don’t think I’m the right demographic although I have more money to spend than some of their customers!!

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  4. I really like shopping on a city street more than a mall, but I’ll go wherever if you want to buy me stuff to cheer me up. 😉 I battle depression as well–thank goodness for Lexipro works so well for me–and walking is definitely helpful for me, especially outside.

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  5. I’ve been in the store, but have never bought anything. And yet, I hear many bloggers go on and on about how great their stuff is. I always wondered where I missed the boat. Of course, it could’ve just been that one time, I suppose?
    I’ve even scoured their website from time to time, but I don’t feel like I get the fabulous deals that I can get elsewhere!!
    Who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind…

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  6. I’ve never been in a Zara store either. I rarely suffer from depression- in fact the only time I felt depressed was when I was laid low with chicken pox for 5 weeks when I was 17. I was covered head to toe in large spots – looked like I was wearing several pearl necklaces – and my face was like a dot to dot drawing! Plus I was due to go on holiday. Luckily enough by the time of my holiday, my spots had disappeared and being a single girl at the time, I had a rather nice holiday romance to boot – so that definitely cleared up my depression! 😜
    On a serious note though, when I’m feeling a bit down, listening to music, shopping (window or real) and walking tend to perk me up.

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    1. There’s just something therapeutic about walking, right? no matter where you are. It exposes us to changed scenery, it is rhythmic, and get’s those endorphins pumping! Mall walker for life! ;D


  7. I’d love to see your Zara first impression. I used to shop there back in my late teens and early 20s before I even knew what fast fashion was. Now I avoid them because I find it too overpriced for the quality. I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

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  8. First, great job with the challenge this year. I enjoyed your posts.

    Go to a shopping mall on a weeknight and you can bet you’re going to run into a bunch of business travelers with nothing better to do and who don’t want to sit by themselves in a hotel room. Wandering through a mall and eating at the food court is a good way to kill time when there’s nothing else to do.

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  9. I had never even heard Of Zara before this post. So don’t feel too badly about the whole thing. so far as depression goes, is yours seasonal..that is, does it get worse over the winter then let up a bit in summer? (no I don’t mean Seasonal affective disorder either.) If so, then taking vitamin K supplements should help enormously. They do not interfere with any meds, are fairly cheap and work wonders at raising the serotonin levels.

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