Yankee Candle for Mother’s Day

Not only does Yankee candle have 150 scents of which to choose that perfect scent for yourself or anyone you want to buy a gift from, they will even customize their candle jars now!  What a great gift for mom I thought!

The process is easy, it can be done in store or online.   For the first time ever on this blog I’m advocating online, because in this particular instance I need it shipped form Florida to Texas.  If you are buying locally though, always encourage supporting your brick and mortar.

The choices of scent for the personalized candles dwindle down to 21-30 depending on the candle size, but they have a decent range of popular fragrances from fruity, to floral, to clean.  The price range is from 5.50 to 33.00 and that’s in sizes that vary from votive to large jars.

Last night my daughter stuffed her face with he dessert at BJ’s with chocolate coming off of every inch of her face, I thought what a perfect pic for a chocolaty scent…alas no chocolate scent available. I guess that’s for the best, mom’s not a big fan of chocolate candles.

What are you planning for mother’s day?



This is Part of the #AtoZChallenge


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