Urban Outfitters: What Is The Shopping Experience?

Perhaps you remember the days when Urban Outfitters was not so outrageously expensive?  When they were the place to shop because they had the newest and coolest at an affordable price?  Then one day they evolved and their price point evolved with them.  The demand for their funky hipster styles gave them the freedom to grow beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

I don’t experience the same zeal for Urban’s namesake that I did in my early twenties.  I look at so many locations each week, and where I once saw funky wonder I just see plain drab unfinished wood.  It seems when all the other retailers are leaning towards that whimsical experience everyone is reported to be yearning for they remove more and more personality from their image.

Despite my thoughts and opinions Urban Outfitters still ranked number one shop for Millennials.  Holding 23% of the shoppers.   On its tail was Hot Topic at 17% which, I will admit, surprised me.    There could be no two polar opposites when it comes to the experience themselves. Then we look at what they do have in common, the product, nostalgia, we just aren’t ready to grow up.  So while all the professionals and studies say that millennials are seeking the “experience”, perhaps all this time it had nothing to do with the magic of the experience, but instead the magic of youth.

Myself?  I’m more of an Anthropologie girl.   I can’t get over the elaborate displays, mismatched funky wallpaper and the incredibly unique product.




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9 thoughts on “Urban Outfitters: What Is The Shopping Experience?

  1. I’m an Anthropologie girl too. I love the customer service and the wide selection of products. Plus they can have great sales on larger items such as furniture. I haven’t visited Urban Outfitters as much. Not sure why.

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  2. I would have taken your poll but I do not shop at any of those places. Ha! Not my style, AT ALL. In fact, I don’t REALLY have a style. I shop at like Target if I ever buy new clothing. Otherwise, I just re-wear the same outfit pretty much daily cause I cannot be bothered with picking something new. lol

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  3. I would have loved to hear more about your actual experience at the store. What did you see? What were the staff like? Favourite items, etc?

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    1. I’ve been to so many and received so many different experiences. UO you typically have the hipster crowd working, very laid back, not much for seeking out to offer assistance but open to questions or concerns. I normally prefer their high quality music and accessories there, bought some awesome Panasonic headphones there about 7 years ago that are just now starting to show their age but still work perfectly.

      Anthropologie is typically a more mature crowd, very often women dressed in modest and hip fashion. They are eager to offer kind assistance when not overly crowded for all the shoppers. I only shop for their unique ceramic kitchen accessories, theres a tea set in particular I’ve been ogling for over a year, trying to hint to my husband it would make a great gift for any occasion. 😉

      Free People is typically a younger female crowd, now I’ve noticed a strange evolution of their employees over the years from grungy to match more the Free Spirited modest fun of Antrhopologie. There clothing really is unique, one of a kind, but the price tags are so high I don’t even go in there anymore, but I love to gaze at the elaborate and fun designs through the open doorways and windows.


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