Target’s New Concept: The Myths, The Facts, and My Opinions

The Overall Concept Summary

Target is no stranger to the retail struggle as they have experienced a decline in sales since the first quarter of 2015.  And when facing deficits for three quarters straight, long term believers need to hear solutions.   So at Shoptalk they announced their plans for a full new fresh store concept that would attract a younger generation.

When looking at the concept it seems Target has taken the basic look of their dumped 2016 experiments with a store of the future, or project LA25, and just dropped all the future junk.  That’s just my humble observation.  (Though this shopgirl is not complaining, I prefer a human holding a tool to make inventory easier over a robot keeping inventory down the aisles any day.)

The main concept of Target is being more shoppable to a variety of consumers by adding three new features.

  • For shoppers who find a walk down the aisles of Target exhausting there will be a separate entrance with their most common selling items for a quick in and out experience.
  • The other entrance will be for those of us who find ourselves wandering those wondrous aisles week after week.  Even better they are changing up their layout, even adding curved aisles over boxed ones; an entirely new terrain to roam.
  • And now, with a smaller concept, Target will start to pop up in more urban areas, and…are you ready for this…on college campuses! (I would have been one (even more) broke college kid)

The urban areas concept have caught allot of flack, but having lived downtown Dallas for a long time I support the idea.  No one knows the desperation I felt wondering why the heck Target hasn’t opened a store walkable from the thousands of downtown apartment dwellers who prefer to walk over driving.

Only 100 of its 1,806 stores are getting the remodel this year.  First double entrance remodel will open in Houston this upcoming October.  They are also projecting to open 30 of the new smaller concept stores that same month.

Customer Conversations

Remodeling?  It Sounds Inconvenient To Me


Fear Not!  My local Target has been undergoing a gigantic refresher and, considering what a large undertaking this is, they have been doing an excellent job of focusing on a section at a time.  Meaning I’m not just showing up one day and everything is moved, instead I am gradually acclimated to the new layout.

The New Boutique Look Is Super Cute


But a merchandising nightmare.   The boutique look is in, but is not for the faint of heart.   Display tables require constant upkeep and sparse merchandising to maintain any sort of shoppability.  Considering the high traffic and the less specialized associates I have a feeling this will just turn into a flat out tangled mess in many locations.

I Heard Target Would Start To Allow Shoppers to Drink While They Shop


It went viral this past fall that Target was going to start serving alcohol to its customers so they could enjoy a sip and stroll along the new curved terrain.   This is indeed false.  I did some serious research into the matter and could find nothing in Target’s plans that they would be following that Whole Foods trend.   This could be for several reasons, but mixing alcohol with their diverse and high volume traffic could lead to a PR and legal nightmare.

The facts are, as I understand, that Target did apply for a liquor license in their Chicago location in order to test Starbuck’s plan to sale alcohol.  The drinks would not be allowed outside the Starbucks cafe area, and considering the already tight quarters of their Target cafes that would have been overcrowded by itself.  All of that can be forgotten though, as Starbucks has scratched the late night wine menu altogether anyway.

Shopgirl must know!

  • Do you shop at Target?
  • What do you think of the smaller locations?
  • What about the new look?



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43 thoughts on “Target’s New Concept: The Myths, The Facts, and My Opinions

  1. I will admit that I fell off of Target because it wasn’t close to me. But I recently read that they lost money last year because of their unwavering support for transgender people to use the bathroom that they identify with. This inspired me to drive the extra miles to shop at Target and provide my unwavering support for them.

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  2. I rarely shop at Target, though I really love browsing the well stocked housewares aisles! And the linens are good quality. Not sure when any changes would come to our Central Oregon store, but rounded aisle corners would be nice!

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  3. The Wal-Mart is about 10 minutes closer to my house than the Target, so I just shop at Wally World for the convenience. However, if Target is going to step up its game a little, I might be willing to make the drive out there again…

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  4. I don’t get why Target should be having trouble at all! I love the fashion collections, I love the furniture, makeup lines, and food selection. Whenever I visit, it takes me hours to get through the store.

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    1. I had the same thought process when I read the numbers but then I considered how most every Target I go to only has like two registers open with incredibly modest lines while walmart still can keep up to 15-20 registers open with mega lines.

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  5. I think I singlehandedly propelled Target to its great success during the 90s and 00s! I still love Target and I’m rooting for a strong “comeback” for them. Ours just got a refresh and it’s very nice.

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  6. Ever man’s worse nightmare! Honey I’m going out to run a few errands and stop by Target to pick a couple of things up.

    Translation: Good thing I worked that double shift last because Lord knows we are going to be broke by the time she gets out of there.

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  7. There are days I love Target and the days I don’t. But I was in love with their jewelry selection just a couple of weeks ago!! I think I told at least 10 people about it (not including the FB post…ha ha)

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  8. I LOVE their partnerships with Dwell and Nate Berkus. My weakness is Housewares and there is always something small to make me feel as though I am refreshing my living space. We have a super target so Steve gets fruit, I get pillows and the boys buy Pokemon cards. There is something for everyone and the fact that I lived in a state without a Target for 18 years blows my mind. We are there at least once a week.

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  9. I love target. They are starting to do some changes in the one near me and I really love it. I do not think they will add the wine section here, there’s a win store next to it.

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  10. I love shopping at Target! But glad to know that they are coming with multiple entrances especially for people who wants to buy few stuff and run rather than crossing their massive aisles!

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    1. Hopefully with the new inventory technology no more incredibly late nights after closing? I had a bunch of friends that worked there about a decade ago, and it was common for them to be at work until 2 in the morning dealing with inventory regularly. Could have just been that location, but made their studies more difficult.

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    1. Ya, they didn’t quite make it in Canada so I think they are a bit burned on the whole “international” scene. Though they are such a cornerstone here, it is hard to imagine a place without it.


    1. Ya it will be a very slow process. I mean only 100 shops this year. I wonder how far it will make it…I wonder if they will stick to the plan or if this will get scrapped along side LA25 before he branches too far…


      1. I’m sure they will change direction midway through the process. My Target is clean neat and organized. In comparison the Walmart and Kmart look like someone kicked a dumpster over in them then played with it. Guess where I shop.


  11. I like the new look. I’m in Target or Super Target every week and I think the accessory department could use a fresher look. Our Target has been undergoing changes this last 6 months. Starting in electronices and baby so I hope they do get to it all soon!

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