Restoration Hardware’s Super Secret Sale


It was reported recently that RH CEO Gary Friedman has cut the price of his modest Napa Valley home (I zigged when I should have zagged somewhere on my retail climb).   You look at the beautiful product, and you know, with a just a few quick charges to the credit card and a second or third mortgage taken from the bank you too could easily design your own home with this style…for as long as you can fake keeping your head above water that is.

That being said, what if I told you that there was a magical time when you could receive this merchandise at near 65% to 90% less the cost of retail?!  Are you interested?




Yes I’m totally serious with you right now…the only catch(es) is are:

  • it only happens for two weekends, and
  • those two weekends only seem to occur about once every two years.
  • and ummmm….
  • oh that’s right…it is very limited on location…three in the entire country to be exact.

I just happened to stumble upon it by luck, though with how often I mall and travel I don’t know how much of it is luck and how much of it is just pure statistical logic, but however way you want to figure it out I was ecstatic to witness the warehouse sale first hand at Grapevine Mills Mall.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 3.08.28 PM

Sure the stuff is damaged.   Damaged to heck.   This is the sale of the pieces that didn’t make it onto the showroom floor, and can you believe people are mad about it?!   A little break, scuff, or gouge never stopped me!  For an average 70% off the price I have absolutely no problem making the $3 wood putty purchase plus the $15 stain to own that $5,450 dollar living room set for only $950 (less than a set at Ashley’s).  Even more lucky is that their craftsmanship is based on simple/straight lines, making flawless repair something any amateur could achieve after a view or two from a You Tube Tutorial they spotted on Pinterest.


How do you feel?  Are you offended by the idea of buying damaged dream furniture for a huge chunk of change off the price?  I mean, if RH is your style, that is.



This is a Part of The #AtoZChallenge


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