Quiksilver: A Gnarly Opportunity In The Desert

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI grew up in the desert, the best we had for water were the occasional springs scattered across the small dried up towns. In college, there was a horrible draught that only added to that longing for any drop water.  Puddles in the gutter came off as glistening.   I was as thirsty as the decaying leaves of the tress and shrubs that lined the streets.  Depression took hold: stress from balancing retail, teaching and school, stress from an unhappy marriage, and deep sorrow from the suicide of a dear friend.

Senior year I was introduced to, Buffalo Springs, a random (big enough) body of water in the middle of the desert.  The discovery brought a new light to my depression; I felt life again.  I went with whom ever would go.  I took the shot above, I can’t tell you the dudes name, or with whom he was associated, it didn’t matter.  It was college, and he was one of the many kind enough to let me stowaway on a boat ride.

I was so sad to hear that Quiksilver Hotels was no longer in association with the surf park that is still in planning to possibly be built in Desert Palms, CA.  (Ofcourse California gets all the fun).  I feel this is an endeavor that not only QuikSilver Hotels should pursue, but the namesake retailer themselves.  Spreading the footprint and opportunity of water sports to regions who could only dream of such an opportunity will open up an entire new market for their product, a market that would come in very helpful to a company just coming out of a time of financial strain.  In five years 2 surf parks have been opened, and with their success there is rumored to be some 30-50 more in some phase or other of development.

A little investment could go a long way, and being a east coast girl who came from the desert, I am living proof…if there is water they will come.



This is a Part of The #AtoZChallenge


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