PetSmart: Taking A Bite At The Competition

Self-Starter has seemed to take over the pet supply market; even standing #1 over the unstoppable retail giant (::gasp:: egads!).  PetSmart knows they need a stronger online presence to survive in the future; though the work to build an online presence that could compete with online giants like chewy and Amazon is a long road with many growing pains.

You know what I always say: when you can’t beat ’em…buy ’em! –#1linerWeds

No really though, the move is genius, and will work out nicely for all parties involved.  A massive pay out for the founders of and a safer path to retail survival for PetSmart, that is if they handle the merger correctly, keeping as much of true to its former self as possible while balancing their PetSmart face with it.

The acquisition is not final just yet, the official date will be sometime during the end of PetSmart’s second quarter.  And as we have all witnessed this year, in retail, anything can happen between now and then.



This is a Part of The #AtoZChallenge


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4 thoughts on “PetSmart: Taking A Bite At The Competition

    1. Ya, we had one local shelter in Alabama that was so pretenscious it was awful. You signed up and they had to do an entire home evaluation before they would consider you…well let’s be honest we didn’t even get a call for the evaluation part…so it was more a popularity contest. ugh. And then we got fleas from the other shelter when we finally did get a cat…::sigh:: taking a break from the pet scene for a while.

      But truly, I’m excited to see where this merger goes!

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