I πŸ’š NY&Co.

Earlier this year I posted about my concern for the state of New York & Co after witnessing what appeared to be a closing sale at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land.  It sparked a serious of discussion of the common lack of inspiration everyone has felt about their collection over the past year or two.  It left me uneasy…normally

Later that week I visited a NY & Co though that presented a different problem, it was overly saturated in product.  I could hardly push the stroller without being caressed along my stroller by a dress sleeve in some areas.  Better yet the styles had completely transformed from tacky neon prints to impressive wearable styles.



So what does the NY&Co future look like?  At present it’s looking pretty bright.   They are going through a time of transformation, and the outlook is excitingly fashionable.

Expanding the Eva Mendes Footprint

Not only are the extending Eva’s collection, which now holds 100 pieces, they are slowly rebuilding their entire concept to include Eva’s own “Shop-in-Shop”, which is at present projected for 50 locations.  This expansion will also include 19 boutiques focused solely around Eva’s collection.    NY&Co is also taking advantage of those recently abandoned Limited locations from this past January to establish this more upscale footprint in those more desired locations of premier malls.  And of course no retailer can survive without maintaining their online presence.

The More The Merrier

Okay, so a shop-in-shop insinuates that NY&Co is still investing in their own shops outside of Eva’s brilliant fashion eye.  So while Eva builds her own empire with her own real estate in their shops, NY&Co is releasing a new clothing collection this August from Gabrielle Union of “Being Mary Jane”.   There is already hype on twitter for this new line, which even makes this shopgirl (who has no idea who Union is) excited for the end of summer.



Shop Talk

  • Has anyone visited one of the new Shop-in-Shops?
  • Are you as excited as me for the boutiques?!






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New York & Co.’s Blue Sky Outlook for Eva Mendes


7 thoughts on “I πŸ’š NY&Co.

  1. It’s been years since I’ve been to this store. I used to get all of my jeans and dressy pants from NY&Co. They seem to be one of the few places that carry jeans and pants long enough for my long legs!

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  2. Not been to the store you mentioned in the article but in the UK we have a few store within stores – most notably Selfridges in London. It’s great when a clothing company has a revamp and produces a collection that renews your attention. Sounds like a healthy relaunch to me 😊

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