Lindt Chocolates and Their Golden Goose..errr…Bunny

While the rest of the retail world is teetering and seeking out their Omnichannel balance, the chocolate industry is exploding!   Customers have thrown their Jimmy Choo fetishes out the window and replaced them with sweet truffle indulgences.

In fact as per the NRF (National Retail Federation) Easter spending survey consumers are planning to spend more this year on Easter for their kids then they even did for their own spouses this Valentines. (Have we forgotten where our bread is buttered?) 😉

Better yet, the large majority of consumers plan to fill their Easter Baskets at either a discount store or department store brick and mortar.  This great boost makes a perfect gift for the Lindt Golden Bunny’s 65th birthday.

On a side note: despite the good fortune, there was a slight snafu of a recall for Lindt Easter Eggs.  Don’t worry there is no salmonella, but rather a clerical error, someone forgot to include “barley” in the list of ingredients.   No sticker apparently could fix this typo for these first two batches…however many that’s supposed to be.  Someone had a very bad day at the job they probably no longer have a few weeks ago, wouldn’t you say?

17630180_1876287135985899_7102162467499917546_n.jpgWith all this ongoing success it should come as no surprise that Lindt has their eyes on total Chocolaty domination  They aim to knock down Godiva and take their rightful spot at the Chocolatier throne by 2020.  This little plan has perhaps been their main focus all along.  I mean serious Lindt has been expanding their US footprint for years, first acquiring California based Ghiradelli in 1998 and then securing the seat of the third largest chocolate producer in the US with the acquisition of Russel Stover in 2014.

But the US does not global domination make, and for Lindt expansion is key.  This past year the Swiss-based company finally has began to spread its footprint in the UK, Wales and Australia…

I can’t help but to picture the Lindt CEO, Dieter Weisskopf each and everyday with his Personal Assistant.  “What will be our action items today, Mr. Weisskopf?”



Where are you buying your Easter Candy this year?

What’s your favorite chocolate bunny?



A part of the #AtoZChallenge




14 thoughts on “Lindt Chocolates and Their Golden Goose..errr…Bunny

  1. Not a great fan of Lindt. It surprised me when you said that they are trying to achieve numero uno spot! That being said, my son loves the Lindt bunny!

    My passion is Cadbury’s though 🙂

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  2. The answers to your questions are: anywhere that sells chocolate, and any bunny that tastes like chocolate lol. Honestly, if Ghirardelli made their dark chocolate and mint squares into a bunny, I’d buy all of them

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  3. After I finish my… err… lets say third cup of coffee today I have to venture out for some chocolate. Here is my problem though… I want to eat it and do not want to put it in the baskets for the kids. It’s not like they are really kids anymore, they all have jobs. I think they should have to go and get me some candy. 🙂

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